As she battles a chronic illness, Claire King of Emmerdale replies to males who catcall her.

Claire portrays the enduringly legendary Kim Tate (Image: ITV).

We like the Emmerdale classic Kim Tate because she doesn’t put up with anything.

Claire King, the actress who portrays her, takes pride in the fact that her character’s independent and combative nature makes her popular with younger audiences.

She said to The Sun on Sunday, “The younger people who didn’t really know Kim from the first time around that really love her.”

It’s also beneficial for children to witness a woman who is independent, doesn’t take no for an answer, and stands up for herself, particularly in this day and age of social media. I believe this is the reason they adore her so much.

When Claire is out and about, she is catcalled by random males, but she doesn’t let that frighten her.

“I will simply stand there, whistle back, and urge them to keep it coming if they are whistling at me from a scaffold!” said she.

Kim remains the elegant Emmerdale queen, but Claire, who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, acknowledged that some elements of her work have grown more challenging due to her illness.

“After a certain age, rheumatoid arthritis might cause cognitive impairment,” she disclosed.

Kim’s equine Lydia was raped by Craig, who was killed by Ice (Picture: ITV)

That was caused by the menopause anyhow, and when you add old age to that, you start to feel like you’re in the wrong line of work when it comes to memory. I do spend a lot of time studying my lines in the bathtub while sipping sherry.

She said that Kim’s footwear isn’t what you may anticipate due to her condition.

“Kim always wears boots, even though her appearance suggests she should be wearing high heels.” She may have a “clip clop,” but she is wearing boots. Even though I would want to wear heels, they ache. I always bring my flip-flops into the class, even though I can wear them for only thirty minutes.

“I simply cannot wear heels.” I’ve had metal in my hands and arthritis for thirty-five years. I had metal pins inserted last year. Everything is disintegrating! I’ve simply always been athletic and horsey, and you get hurt a lot.

Claire believes the soap operas are making a significant contribution in this area and is delighted to be a television representative for older women.

Kim and Lydia have a close friendship (Image: ITV).

We have a plethora of experience, and it is crucial to see older women on television. The majority of soap operas, especially Emmerdale and Corrie, excel at including strong female characters.

Kim will need to muster all of her strength in the lead-up to Christmas as the truth about her involvement in the murder of rapist Craig Reed (Ben Addis) looms.

Watchers observed Craig, who had been severely hurt by Sam (James Hooton), come across Kim while riding her horse. Craig was booted by the horse as it reared up and attacked him, killing him instantly.

She has been hiding the secret from Cain (Jeff Hordley), who showed up on the scene shortly after, but now that Caleb (William Ash) knows, it’s only a matter of time until the truth is revealed.

When Lydia (Karen Blick), Kim’s close friend, finds out that Kim killed Craig and didn’t tell her, how would she respond?

Will their friendship ever be able to move on?

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