William Ash of Emmerdale claims that Caleb and Kim’s conflict is about to blow out. “He refuses to let go.”

Kim can’t help but feel annoyed with Caleb. (Image: ITV)

In Emmerdale, William Ash’s character Caleb Milligan spent the first part of 2023 pursuing a covert plan to assassinate Claire King’s character Kim Tate. When it was discovered that his father was Frank Tate, Kim’s late husband, the character who had been introduced as Faith Dingle’s (Sally Dexter) son was actually just half of the tale.

Caleb was vengeful because he believed Kim was to blame for his father’s passing. He approached this with brutality and precision, winning Kim over as a business partner and scheming to pilfer all she possessed.

In order to further his ambition, he was even willing to turn to his own family: he destroyed Moira’s (Natalie J. Robb) farm so Kim could purchase her land and expand her empire.

Caleb’s plan was foiled when Kim realized what was happening. Since then, he has focused on repairing his connection with Jeff Hordley’s character, Cain.

nd the remainder of the Dingle family, a task at which he has mostly been successful.

But it seems that he hasn’t given up on his hatred of Kim and his ultimate aim to see her lose everything.

William Ash told us he’s excited by this storyline.

‘His antenna’s up for anything that’s leverage for getting Kim out of Home Farm, or just getting one over on Kim. That’s still running through him,’ he explained.

The possibility for Caleb may have arisen when he realized that Kim Tate and Lydia’s rapist Craig (Ben Addis) were connected. Could this provide him the tools he needs to defeat Kim at last?

The bond between Caleb and Cain is now stronger (Picture: ITV)

Will said, “There is a suggestion of it.” He resembles a dog with a bone in a little way. He simply won’t give up. It’s really thrilling.

Will claimed that due of his early upbringing, Caleb is relentless in achieving his objectives, whether they be his resentment of Kim or his liaison with Tracy Robinson (Amy Walsh).

Earlier this year, Caleb had grand plans to ruin Kim, but he failed horribly. (Image: ITV)

“I believe that his upbringing in foster care and his history of abandonment as a newborn are the reasons he feels compelled.” Both his mother and father have little interest in getting to know him. Thus, he simply goes after his goals,’ he remarked.

He simply pursues things without fully considering the implications since there is a gap in his emotional growth. In that sense, he is self-centered.

Because of this, Caleb has a ruthless streak and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. This was demonstrated to us earlier in the year when he treated Nicky (Lewis Cope) cruelly and wanted Nicky to marry Gabby (Rosie Bentham) as part of his scheme, despite the fact that he was aware of Nicky’s homosexuality.

“Those are folks who we all know.” They do seem to be having issues. Will chuckled.

He acts in that way because he has issues, which drives him to desire what he wants. He is an extremely wealthy and successful businessman who accomplished everything on his own, therefore I believe that ruthlessness comes easy to him. He only needs to flip a switch to turn off the emotional fallout.

Thus, Kim Tate must once more keep an eye on her back.

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