EastEnders Christmas murder teaser: The most significant hints and revelations

With only a few weeks till Christmas, EastEnders has released a full-length teaser video for The Six plot, giving viewers a sneak peek at the much-awaited holiday murder that will upend Walford completely.

The death in question was initially hinted at back in February when the BBC One soap opera told fans that everything will change “in a flash” during a certain episode.

After a difficult night for all of them, six famous Walford matriarchs became closer during a lock-in at The Queen Vic on this specific occasion.

As the evening drew to an end, the women in question—Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal), Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth), Linda Carter (Kellie Bright), Denise Fox (Diane Parish), Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean), and Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner)—raised their glasses to share their thoughts.

They toasted to all the men who had wronged them throughout the years with their last drink, hoping that one day they would receive justice.

In a terrifying flash-forward scene, the six women—who are now referred to as The Six—saw a dead man’s corpse lying on the bar floor on Christmas Day 2023. Sharon, dressed in a wedding gown, was seen confirming the man’s death by checking his pulse.

A lot of people were impressed by the original narrative twist, and ever since, there have been a lot of hypotheses and speculations about who exactly dies.

As Christmas draws near, the Six plot picks up speed (Picture: BBC)

Over the last ten months, EastEnders has released a series of brief teaser trailers, each focusing on a different member of The Six, giving us plenty of stuff to speculate about.

The teasers have fans wondering if they are like separate parts of a jigsaw that, when together, tell a bigger story. They are all packed with hints about each matriarch and how they could relate to the holiday murder.

With the release of the full-length video, which combines all of the previous teases, on the BBC soap opera’s official social media platforms, EastEnders has officially validated this notion. The outcome is really breathtaking.

But apart from being fun, iconic, and everything in between, the video is also jam-packed with small hints, so why not dive in with us if you’re itching to learn everything there is to know about the Christmas murder?

A really interesting term is written (Image: BBC)

The jukebox, which had not been included in any of the year’s single teasers, is one of the main things to notice about the lengthier video.

When you look closely, you’ll see that some of the letters on the music machine are crushed in, even though at first glance the scenario could just seem to be a close-up of the jukebox.


You might wonder what significance this has. The letters spell out “DEATH” if you move them slightly, which is rather fitting considering that the evening in question is all about death!

The most of the trailer’s portions feature the corresponding matriarchs at The Vic’s bar or nearby, but Linda’s is very different—she’s shown upstairs in the pub’s living room.

We find it intriguing that she’s seen scrubbing away on the living room floor, even if you might say that this is just because she’s still the landlady of the relevant institution and so this is just symbolizing that she’s at home when the death takes place.

However, what may this imply?

That is the question, after all. We’re wondering whether, in addition to the murder that occurred downstairs in the bar, there could be another killing planned, one that will occur upstairs in the Vic’s living room and need Linda to conceal the crime.

Should this turn out to be true, would the rapist Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo), Linda’s adversary, be the one to pass away during the less celebratory season?

With the exception of Suki (more on that later), all of the women’s facial expressions were purposefully difficult to interpret during the actual flashforward scenario, making it impossible to determine which of them is connected to the deceased inhabitant and who contributed to his tragedy.

But the teaser trailers aren’t exactly the same.

With a look of deadly retaliation in her eyes, Sharon, the teaser’s first character, is seen holding her head high. She looks serious the entire time, but she starts to feel a bit more uneasy as the smoke fills the space.

Could this be a clue as to how she felt the day she died? Given that her plot in The Six revolves around her relationship with Danny Walters’ character Keanu Taylor, who is hiding a significant secret from her, it is most definitely a possibility.

As fans are aware, Keanu orchestrated Albie’s kidnapping a few weeks ago, but he still plans to wed Sharon around Christmas.
Will hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? We know that EastEnders loves to blow secrets on Christmas Day, so it’s only a matter of time until everything is exposed.

Will Keanu die as a result of Sharon’s unavoidable revenge plot?

Denise, on the other hand, appears to be telling a vengeance narrative because of the comparable disdain in her eye. Is Denise going to get violent during the holidays?

If so, will Aaron Thiara’s character, Ravi Gulati, be the one to die? Or may the copper meet his fate with her husband Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) obviously beginning to fall for Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner)?

The fact that Denise’s and Stacey’s sections are connected in the combined trailer is one of the first things fans deduced from the teasers. It appears that there is a connection between the two, and with a potential affair in the works, will the women’s stories intersect on that fateful Christmas Day?

In her section, Kathy, on the other hand, is likewise furious as she uses a cleaver to chop up a bouquet of tulips.

Could she be seeking revenge this Christmas, considering that her spouse Rocky Cotton (Brian Conley) has blinded her?

Unlike the females stated earlier, Linda, Stacey, and Suki display expressions of anxiety and doubt. Will the plots of Dean, Theo Hawthorne (William Ellis), and Nish Panesar (Navin Chowdhry), who are all making their respective women’s lives a living hell, potentially revolve less on seeking retribution and more around the women’s needing to murder their abuser in order to protect themselves?

In the teaser, Suki is shown standing outside The Vic while a photo of her family breaks and falls to the ground as she speeds along Bridge Street Market and disappears from view.

Is it possible that this suggests she’s being forced to flee following the death?

Suki was the only character whose feelings were visible during the first flashforward scene. She appeared shocked and deflated as she sat down on a bar stool soon after the death occurs, suggesting that Suki is directly responsible for it.

That notion of her running for it surely has legs, if that is the case.
The Queen Vic’s bell chimes six times in the extended trailer, signifying the emotional climax of the teaser for the main character.

It’s interesting to note, though, that the bell chimes seven times in total at the conclusion of the video.

Fans have long theorized that The Six will become The Seven when a reclusive seventh member appears in the plot, although there has never been any evidence to support this claim.

Is the evidence we’ve been waiting for the seventh toll? If so, who will make up the seventh character in the narrative?

Monday through Thursday at 7:45 p.m. on BBC One and BBC iPlayer, EastEnders airs.

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