Emmerdale spoilers: Nicky and Gabby ultimately reconcile, causing the ice to melt.

At last, they are making progress. (Image: ITV)

There were a few things Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) didn’t know about Nicky Milligan (Lewis Cope) when she first saw him in Emmerdale. His true last name was the first. Gabby may have been much less inclined to choose Nicky as her son’s babysitter if she had knew he was a Milligan and shared a last name with enigmatic newcomer Caleb (William Ash).

Nicky was hiding a lot from Gabby as they started a fast-paced courtship that would soon result in a marriage proposal and the planning of a wedding. Being a Milligan was only one of his secrets.

Gabby was unaware that Nicky’s relationship with her was a lie, orchestrated by Caleb to aid him in exacting revenge on Kim Tate (Claire King) for the passing of Frank Tate, Caleb’s father.

She also had no idea that Nicky was homosexual. When he eventually admitted the truth to her on their intended wedding day, it was the part that broke her heart the most.

Unsurprisingly, considering the situation, Gabby has been hating Nicky for what he did to her for the months that have passed. Things got worse when he chose to remain in the hamlet and she had to put up with seeing him practically every day.

To make matters worse, Nicky soon discovered love in the person of Suni Sharma (Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana), and Gabby, embarrassed and devastated, was so enraged that she even attempted to strike Nicky.

Not all the time is it best to get even. (Image: ITV)

Seeing them embrace amicably in the episode that aired on Monday, December 4, was a significant change that occurred following a terrible, violent incident.

After spending the evening out with Suni and Ethan (Emile John), Gabby struck up a conversation with a man named Mike at a club. She was having fun flirting with Mike, but his mood immediately changed when Nicky showed there and Mike realized that Nicky and Suni were a relationship.

It was soon evident that Mike was an evil, bigoted homophobe. He attacked Suni viciously outside the club while his friends prevented Nicky from intervening. A doorman restrained Ethan as well, and all they could do was watch in terror as Suni went through a horrible and protracted ordeal.

Nicky stopped by the Hide to see how Gabby was doing after this. She informed him that she felt guilty for chatting to Mike in the first place, but Nicky comforted her that she wasn’t at fault and the attack would have happened anyway.

They hugged, the two of them united in their worry for Suni in particular and Gabby seemingly ready to put her past quarrel with her fake fiancé behind her.

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