Spoilers for Coronation Street: David surprises everyone by disclosing a shocking truth about Gail.

David tells Sarah the secret (Image: ITV)

Even though Todd Boyce’s character Stephen Reid is no longer with us, he continues to impact Coronation Street events in future episodes.

Sue Nicholls’s character Audrey Roberts is sorting through Stephen’s possessions. She consents to give Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) his laptop, which contains certain work-related papers, among others.

Jack P Shepherd’s character David Platt makes an attempt to persuade his grandmother to discard some of the other items, including Stephen’s journal. He worries that it may disturb her, as she is already quite sensitive due to Stephen’s passing.

Audrey is adamant that she will preserve the diary, citing her positive recollections of Stephen as well as the fact that he wasn’t entirely awful.

Naturally, David can’t help but browse through Stephen’s notebook. He’s horrified to learn about some family history he was unaware of, such as the fact that his mother Gail Platt (Helen Worth) originally didn’t know Sarah Platt’s (Tina O’Brien) true paternity.

Stephen is still causing mischief from the beyond (Image: ITV).

Brian Tilsley (Chris Quinten) is Sarah’s father, although at the time Sarah was conceived, Gail and Brian had become distant, and Gail had briefly gotten close to Brian’s Australian cousin Ian Latimer (Michael Loney).

When Gail found out she was pregnant, her relationship with Ian came to an end.

After Audrey informed him by letter, he went back to England and proposed to Gail. She assured him she would raise the child on her own and didn’t need his help.

Ian had a blood test after Sarah was born, which indicated he wasn’t Sarah’s father.

After their divorce due to Gail’s infidelity with Ian, Brian and Gail reconciled shortly after Sarah was born. Sadly, a year later, Brian was slain in a fight outside of a nightclub.

David finds out about all of this, and he doesn’t take long to tell Sarah what he has learned.

When she learns that Gail had a similar situation to her own—that is, not knowing if her child was fathered by Adam (Sam Robertson) or Damon (Ciaran Griffiths)—how would she respond?

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