Spoilers for Coronation Street: Ryan is horrified to learn that Daniel is retaliating against him

Ryan’s realization dawns (Image: ITV)

Ryan Connor (Ryan Clayton) has betrayed Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard), which was a mistake because he is a man who sent his dad plunging down the stairs after hitting him with a book.

Daniel is focused on mending his friendship with his close buddy Ryan, but he also wants to hold Ryan accountable after learning that his fiancée Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) had cheated on him.

One of his main plans is to ruin Ryan’s new career chance, and he stuns Ryan when he discovers what he has been up to.

Ryan’s realization dawns as Daniel casually remarks about his gym work.

He explains the video to Daisy and tells her he believes Daniel is aware of them and has damaged the project.

Daisy believes he’s overanalyzing things, but when they get back to the apartment, the topic of starting a family gets to her. She starts to fill out Bertie’s adoption paperwork, and guilt overcomes her and she confesses to having slept with Ryan.

Daniel is surprised by the revelation and had hoped that they could ignore it and go on, but he was not to be!

Daisy tries her hardest to persuade Daniel that she would never betray again, but when she finally confesses that she does, in fact, love Ryan, albeit in a different manner, he is crushed.

Daisy later informs Ryan that Daniel is aware of everything, but Daniel bursts into the cafe and attacks Ryan before Ryan can tell Crystal about his one-night affair with Daisy.

A battle breaks out as Ryan flees the Bistro, with Daniel pursuing him furiously.

Ryan is informed by Crystal that she is willing to give him another opportunity and that she is leaving for Glasgow in two days; he is free to accompany her if he so chooses.

Will Ryan decide anything that will change his life, and will Daniel be happy to see him go? What effects will Daisy’s setback have on her engagement?

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