Spoilers for Emmerdale: Chas goes for Samson when he gets a fresh chance.

Chas attempts to assist. (Image: ITV)

For a while, Samson (Sam Hall) appeared destined to be the Emmerdale resident toe-rag, but then Lydia’s (Karen Blick) terrifying encounter with Craig (Ben Addis) utterly and surprisingly humbled him.

Now that the family is starting to reorganize, Samson is prepared to resume his life’s journey.

And there, prepared to correct him with a big, old Dingle life lesson, is Chas (Lucy Pargeter).

Samson is making a lot of effort to change his ways after embarrassing himself with his actions during the Craig/Lydia drama.

In an effort to prove himself, he has been making apologies with his stepmother and has even begun doing his own ironing, although shoddily.

After losing his ideal job at Craig’s software development business and his apprenticeship, he is now preparing to take advantage of a fresh chance at the Woolpack.

Chas is sidetracked. (Image: ITV)

Although it may not be as glamorous, it’s still a start. Sam, played by James Hooton, is ecstatic to see his kid getting his act together.

But Chas is rubbing her hands merrily as she prepares to give him a hard time on his first day of work, eager to start molding him into an honorable Dingle.

As his employer, will he be able to hack Chas?

Maybe she’s preparing him to be the landlord of the futureā€¦

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