A major threat arises as Daniel becomes enraged over Daisy’s infidelity with Ryan in this Coronation Street spoiler video.

There is trouble coming when Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) finds out Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) is having an affair with Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott), as seen in a recent Coronation Street spoiler video.

Daniel doesn’t anticipate receiving a video link from Simon Barlow (Alex Bain) when he arrives home early from work, but that’s precisely what happens.

Daniel sits down to view the movie after assuring his father Ken (William Roach) that he won’t do his favorite crossword, and he is horrified by what he sees.

Daisy arrives as Ryan is preparing for his video interview at the gym for his new job. Ryan promptly tells Daisy that she shouldn’t be there.

What Daniel hears horrifies him (Picture: ITV)

Ryan tells Daniel that he’s been trying to keep his distance from her because he still feels something for her, which shocks Daniel.

The true revelation, though, is when Ryan says that he and Daisy shared a bed and that it was “wonderful.”

Daniel becomes furious at this point, but what will he do next?

Actor Rob Mallard said of Daniel, “He’s not necessarily a fighter, but he’s got anger.” He won’t fight unless it involves anything that really bothers him or upsets him, but he isn’t so irrationally angry that using his fists is his first instinct.

More than anything, I believe Ryan needs to keep an eye out for the long-term plans. Daniel would be far more inclined, in my opinion, to set traps for Ryan to fall into. I believe that events such as this are to be expected.

After watching the video, Daniel tells Simon that he knows Daisy loves him and that he’s ready to move on from their relationship. However, everything changes when Ryan says he won’t be relocating to Glasgow with Crystal.

After leaving the Bistro, Daniel enters the Streetcars apartment using Simon’s keys and goes directly to Ryan’s bedroom.

What plans does he have?

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