Coronation. Street. spoilers: Hostage horror, Daisy gets a surprise and Jenny’s shock find

This week on the Street Picture: ITV, there are many surprises.

Next week’s Coronation Street will have some exciting new events, with Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman) discovering that her life is in jeopardy and Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) learning more about the late killer Stephen.

Evelyn has been courageously battling Terry, the abuser of dogs, to free the animal from his hold and return her to the Street.

However, just as she is settling in, Terry returns shortly after and is resolved to use whatever means necessary to abduct the dog.

Evelyn is taken advantage of by him, who holds her captive in the store and becomes quite ill.

Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) is in for a terrible surprise when he learns the true scope of Daniel Osbourne’s (Rob Mallard) retaliation against him.

However, Daniel saves the biggest surprise for Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan), when he delivers an unexpected declaration that has her in stitches.

In relation to that, David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) causes issues, and Jenny discovers a curveball on Stephen’s laptop.

Monday, December 11th

Evelyn becomes concerned upon realizing she is being held captive (Image: ITV).

At number nine, Hope and Ruby show off their affection for the puppy, naming her Taylor in honor of Taylor Swift. In the precinct, Terry confronts Evelyn, but she claims not to be aware of his dog.

When Evelyn discovers Cassie taking Taylor on a stroll, she is appalled and pulls them back inside.

Terry is watching from across the street, unaware of them. After tracking Evelyn to the store, Terry flips the sign to “closed” and rushes out the door.

Terry approaches Evelyn with a hostile demeanor, wanting to know what she has done with his dog. Will Gary be able to assist Dev in breaking through the locked door before it locks?

After obtaining authorization from Waterfords, Daniel takes Daisy inside the vacant Rovers and recommends that they purchase the pub instead of a flat in Redbank. Daisy is astonished. Will she accept his proposal?

When Stu and Lesley, the PI, cross paths, Lesley discloses that Dom was arrested for reckless driving in Germany in 2020.

How is Stu going to use this information?

Tyrone remains enraged that Cassie allowed Hope to have a nose piercing.After displaying Stephen’s possessions to Jenny, Audrey inquires if there is anything else she would like. Jenny takes his laptop and says she has occasionally borrowed it.

Audrey refuses to listen to David’s suggestion that she put Stephen’s journal in the trash because she would find it distressing; she is sure that he wasn’t all awful.

Wednesday, December 13

Daisy is thrown when Daniel tells her he hopes she will adopt Bertie (Picture: ITV)

When Daisy informs Jenny that she and Daniel are purchasing the bar, Jenny and Ken are ecstatic. Daniel informs Daisy that he wishes for her to adopt Bertie as the next step, which throws Daisy off guard.

Ryan’s realization dawns as Daniel casually remarks about his gym work. He explains the video to Daisy and tells her he believes Daniel is aware of them and has damaged the project.

Daisy believes he’s overanalyzing things, but when they’re back at the apartment, the notion of starting a family gets to her. Guilt takes over, and she confesses to having slept with Ryan. What will Daniel’s response be?

Stu questions a startled Dom about his life in Germany at lunch in the café.

After lunch, Stu gives Dom £10k in cash in exchange for his avoiding Eliza. Will he consent?

When Terry contacts the garage, gives Tyrone his contact information, and tells him to return the dog by 6:00 p.m., Tyrone hopes that they have seen the last of Terry. Tyrone knows that he will regret it.

Tyrone feels uneasy. (Image: ITV)

Knowing that Roy brought the puppy to the rescue facility has disturbed Tyrone. Evelyn understands that the only option left to them is to pick up the puppy from the rescue and give her back to Terry.

Jenny’s joy about Daisy purchasing the tavern is short-lived as Shona brings up the fact that Jenny will have to give her commands. Jenny uses Stephen’s laptop to see her supplier list. Audrey is adamant about keeping Stephen’s belongings.

David reads Stephen’s notebook and is shocked to learn that Gail didn’t know Sarah’s father at first.

December 15, Friday

Jenny confides in Carla about what transpired (Image: ITV)

Daisy makes every effort to persuade Daniel that they would never speak again, but when she finally confesses that she does, in fact, love Ryan, albeit in a different manner, he is distraught.

Jenny, in the meantime, confides in Carla about what transpired. Daisy informs Ryan that Daniel is aware of everything, but Daniel bursts into the restaurant and attacks Ryan before Ryan can tell Crystal about his one-night affair with Daisy.

A battle breaks out as Ryan flees the Bistro, with Daniel pursuing him furiously. Ryan is informed by Crystal that she is willing to give him another opportunity and that she is leaving for Glasgow in two days; he is free to accompany her if he so chooses.

Jenny looks through Stephen’s laptop files and discovers “Infinity Seagull Ventures,” the last file he modified the day before he passed away.

Jenny and Carla proceed to the police station, but Swain informs them that they lack the means to attempt to decipher the file’s password.

Clutching the notebook, Audrey phones in the Kabin and informs Carla and Jenny that it’s Stephen’s journal. Jenny and Carla realize that it could contain the passwords to Stephen.

David informs Sarah that Gail didn’t know at birth who her father was. What will Sarah’s response be?

Gail informs the family that she is tired of their constant bickering, that Audrey needs their help, and that they should get together tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. to resolve the issues.

Evelyn is worried that she will be the next target of the police for kidnapping when Tyrone tells her that Terry has been freed on bond.

Dom and Eliza, together with all she owns, call at number six. Eliza is perplexed as to why, for a few days at most, she needs so many stuff. Stu and Dom exchange perceptive glances.

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