Emmerdale actor Danny Miller has resigned from Twitter following his response to a fat-shaming troll.

Danny Miller, an actor from Emmerdale, closed his Twitter account (Image: ITV).

Danny Miller, star of Emmerdale, deactivated his social media accounts in retaliation for a troll named X who had fat shamed him on Twitter.

After being called “fat” and “chubby,” the 32-year-old former I’m A Celebrity winner, who portrays Aaron Dingle on the soap opera, replied.

But Danny made the decision to get in touch with the troll and give them a hard time before deleting his account completely.

“Say what you want about Aaron,” he wrote. I play what I’m ordered to play; he’s fictitious. However, don’t believe that my being bothered by remarks about Danny being “big” or “chubby” will ever happen.

“I’m laughing at you while gulping down a FULL FAT COKE you b* [laughing face emojis], sitting here eating a nasty kebab AND a pizza.”

At the CUREUsher ball in September, the actor recently spoke with Metro.co.uk on the possibility of going back to the Dales.

‘Say what you want about Aaron. He’s fictional.'(Picture: ITV)

“With soap, you never say never,” the actor remarked. “Perhaps in the future.” We’ll see how it goes and how long it takes, but I’m loving the wave of being a father of two right now!

Fans, however, were ecstatic by his unexpected comeback.

Danny also gave an explanation for his decision to accept the Emmerdale offer this time, saying that he “enjoyed” his time off and was grateful for the chance to come back.

“I accomplished my goal of being a celebrity, which I always wanted to achieve,” he said.Following that, I got the chance to travel and perform a number of other programs. I went away to spend time with my family, something you don’t often get to do due to hectic schedules.

“I think I accomplished a lot during my absence, but I was grateful to get the invitation to return.” My family is the recipient of this, and I am really honored.

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