Mark Charnock of Emmerdale affirms Marlon and Rhona’s future amid the “difficult” pregnancies situation.

The family unit faces difficulties. (Image: ITV)

This year’s Christmas in Emmerdale is going to be hectic for Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock), Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry), and their family when Rhona’s former husband Gus (Alan McKenna) and their new baby Ivy wind up spending the holiday.

When Mary (Louise Jameson) visits Gus, she discovers he is struggling to adjust to the new baby following the death of his wife, so she brings him back to the hamlet. Furthermore, Marlon finds it difficult to accept the circumstance, according to Mark Charnock.

It takes a great deal of effort on his side to accept that to have them for Christmas, he said.

Even though he seems to accept it, it feels as though someone has just set off a bomb in his universe. It seems as though it has nothing to do with him, but in reality, it does.

Because Ivy was produced using an embryo that Gus and Rhona had frozen while they were married, the child is genetically related to Rhona, which is why Marlon is ready to let Gus and Ivy live with him.

And Mark says Marlon really adores Rhona.

“He reveres the earth she treads.” He’s been married a few times before meeting the one who helped him get through the terrible experience of having a stroke. He is in an entirely happy relationship, and the kids are content. I believe he believes they have this ideal unit.

Rhona is Marlon’s first priority, yet he worries for her.

Gus is having trouble adjusting. (Image: ITV)

Mark informed us, “I think his concern is to understand how things may go severely wrong for her.” That is the major part of it.

He has a better view of it than she does. She’s probably not even considering the possibility that things may go bad for her. “I need this now, whatever the outcome,” she exclaimed. She is lying to herself about how she is assisting them. That’s not what I believe is going on; I believe she just wants to spend time with that youngster.

For one of Emmerdale’s most stable couples, this is going to be a dramatic moment with no right or wrong in the circumstance and strong feelings.

Ivy’s biological mother is Rhona (Picture: ITV).

“Marlon’s love for Rhona means he understands what she needs, so he’s going to keep vacillating between things; it will alter practically entirely between episodes,” Mark noted.

He would hope that it might be resolved in some way. I believe he would want Gus to take on the role of father and take care of the child.

“I would think that since they had experienced so much together, they would be stronger than they would have been apart.” However, something like this has such strong, polarizing implications that it is nearly hard to fathom its implications. This narrative might go in any number of ways.

“I believe Marlon wants the best for her, but he’s afraid of what may come with having that baby in their lives.”Mark is unsure as to whether Marlon and Rhona will be able to overcome this trying time.

“I believe so,” he said. We haven’t received the scripts yet, so who knows? Maybe next week I’ll learn they aren’t!

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