Spoilers for Coronation Street: Carla’s actions cause Peter and her to become emotionally estranged.

We are not at all ready. (Image: ITV)

As Chris Gascoyne’s (Peter Barlow) leave from Coronation Street approaches, he discovers a disturbing truth about his relationship with Allison King’s (Carla Connor).

Following Stephen’s (Todd Boyce) passing, it was evident that Carla and Peter were beginning to go divergent routes.

This was evident when Peter proposed that they both move away from the cobbles to start anew somewhere else in the world. Carla stated that she didn’t want to leave Underworld, which Stephen had left in utter disarray, even if Peter was anxious for a change.

As they approach, Peter confides in Tim (Joe Duttine) that he fears Carla’s obsession with the factory has put an end to their relationship.

Carla comes home with dinner for a date night and recommends they watch a movie after Tim encourages Peter to keep trying.

Peter is happy, but Carla leaves again after receiving a phone alerting her to the factory alarm going off.

Valerie and Peter (picture: ITV)

Later in the week, Carla is shocked to see Peter cleaning the apartment since he had earlier indicated he was too busy to have lunch with her.

Peter acknowledges that he has scheduled a meeting with the mother of the donor who gave him his new liver, following receipt of a letter from the hospital.

How will the meeting go, though?
Peter’s departure from the cobbles is inevitable as he and Carla come to terms with the fact that they have different goals for their life.

“They come to a huge crossroads where they love each other, but maybe they can’t rely on each other for happiness anymore, meaning they could begin to question if they would be better someplace else,” Corrie executive Iain MacLeod stated.

After building to this really unexpected Christmas episode, there’s a big two-hander between the two of them, who are essentially the only two cast members in the show.

For those of you who have been big fans of Peter and Carla from the beginning, this is a greatest hits compilation that covers every single detail of who they are, what they’ve been like as a couple, what they want for the future, and what happiness looks like for them. It’s also building towards Peter’s exit, which is incredibly creative and bittersweet and feels like Corrie at its best.

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