Spoilers for Emmerdale: terrible breakup, harsh Aaron, and torturous Pollard

Next week in Emmerdale, the nets are drawing closer, with Mackenzie Boyd (played by Lawrence Robb) pursuing Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland).

Chloe has nowhere to turn as he and Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) are investigating when he receives a tip regarding her location.

And things come to an end when Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson), who is outraged, learns that Matty Barton (Ash Palmisciano) had a hand in Mack’s finding.

Meanwhile, Danny Miller’s character Aaron Dingle is venting once more about his hopeless mother Chas (Lucy Pargeter).

Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) intervenes as Aaron lashes out once more, but will Aaron understand?

Other events include Tracy Shankley (Amy Walsh) falling even more in love with Caleb Miligan (William Ash), and Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell) becoming traumatized by his growing symptoms.

Monday, December 11th

Eric has challenges (Image: ITV)

Pollard is unable to attend the meeting of the Parkinson’s Support Group.

Later, he feels an unanticipated tremor that catches him off guard.

Caleb and Tracy are beginning to recognize one other as kindred souls.

Mack keeps asking questions regarding Chloe in other places.

Tuesday, December 12th

Mack is not told the truth by Matty (picture: ITV).

Tension arises as Matty keeps Chloe and Reuben’s true identity from Mack. Moira is urging Matty to get Amy to attend the large family Christmas celebration.

Mack finds it difficult to spend time with Amy at a Christmas dinner table while mourning his kid who has vanished.

Matty and Amy get into a furious fight, and eventually Matty snaps and informs Mack that he and Amy are going to see Chloe and Reuben tomorrow. Mack considers this new knowledge with a grim eye.

Full of optimism and a strategy to win back his kid, Mack dashes over to visit Charity.

Samson accepts Charity’s offer to help pot man at the bar. Sam is happy that Samson has found a new job, and they begin to anticipate Christmas.

Wednesday, December 13

Amy is enraged at Charity and Mack. (Image: ITV)

As Amy’s vehicle drives out of the village, Mack and Charity follow it surreptitiously. Amy is infuriated to see Mack and Charity following them as they get stalled at some temporary traffic signals, and Matty is shocked.

Mack decides to take dramatic steps after growing more and more irate that Amy won’t tell him where his kid is. He plans to pose as Chloe’s sister in order to get her to agree to a meet-up.

Ignorant Chloe becomes delighted soon and gets Reuben ready to meet Amy at a park nearby.

However, a thoughtless remark from Mackenzie in a text message that Chloe receives on Amy’s phone makes wary Chloe realize she’s about to fall victim to a trap.

Mack’s sadness soon turns to rage when she replies, informing him he won’t see his son again.

Manpreet pushes Pollard to discuss his condition with his buddy Rodney. Pollard is confused by Rodney’s casual response to his devastating prognosis.

On Samson’s first day, Chas is excited to order him about.

Vic confides in Aaron, who is encouraging, about her connection with Jacob.

Charles is able to persuade Nicola and Claudette to co-organize the Christmas Fair in spite of their divergent viewpoints.

Thursday, December 14th

Amy is surprised as she is grabbed by a cloaked stranger (Picture: ITV)

Amy makes Mack feel bad for further isolating Chloe, who is easily hurt. Matty punches Mack when he responds sarcastically to his accusation that Mack destroyed his relationship with Amy.

After Amy expresses her wish that Mack won’t see Reuben again, Mack is distraught.

Feeling defeated, Matty walks out assuming their relationship is finished after an enraged Amy accuses him of abandoning Chloe, leaving her alone, alone, and on the run.

Amy is terrified later at the HOP when a cloaked stranger grabs her.

But Nicola is heated up, and Claudette, with her clipboard, is no match. Liam had seen Bear’s growing fondness for Claudette in the meanwhile.

When Tom says he has a hidden plan to make Belle’s Christmas special, she becomes interested.

When Paddy consents to spend Eve’s Christmas with Chas, Aaron feels as though he has submitted to Chas. Chas is appreciative of Paddy’s support when he stands up for her and assures her that he and Eve will always love her, regardless of Aaron’s opinions.

Mandy worries that she won’t be able to handle the busy salon when Amelia convinces her to take care of Esther so she can see Dan in jail.

December 15, Friday

Tom abuses his own body.(Image: ITV)

Amelia contacts Angelica in a desperate attempt to get money so she can go see Dan in prison, so she takes on an additional shift at the Salon. However, when the opportunity to hang out with Heath arises, Angelica must decideā€¦

Tom criticizes himself for his misguided ideas while Nicola reveals the Christmas Fair’s surprise guests.

Aaron’s behavior toward his mother surprises Charles.

When Matty unexpectedly comes home, Amy is shocked and insists they can’t let other people’s issues to keep them apart.

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