EastEnders spoilers: Jay and Billy have a major shock when deceased Lola makes a surprise comeback.

This Christmas, Lola makes a surprise comeback (Picture: BBC)

This Christmas, Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) unexpectedly returns to EastEnders, shocking her bereaved husband Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick).

She died in May, and her return will undoubtedly have a significant effect on Jay, who has been going through a lot since Lola’s death from a brain tumor.

Jay, who has been by Lola’s side since her diagnosis in October 2022 after a string of dizzy episodes and a severe seizure, has had an incredibly difficult year.

In front of their closest relatives and friends, including Lola’s adored “pops,” Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) and his companion Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton), Jay proposed to Lola over the Christmas season. The pair then were married in January.

After yet another medical emergency, Lola had originally canceled the wedding because she didn’t want Jay to have to spend the rest of his life taking care of her. But in the end, Jay was able to persuade her.

During the tearful nuptials, Lola referred to Billy as her father, grandfather, and mother together.

However, Lola tragically informed her family that she only had six months to live, barely two months later.

Jay cared for her to the very end, and on May 31, 2023, her tragically quiet death was broadcast.

Ben prevented Jay from seeing Lexi (BBC picture).

Jay has had difficulty adjusting ever then, and he was harshly shunned by Billy and Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden), who forbade him from seeing Lola’s daughter Lexi Pearce (Isabella Brown).

After traveling to Margate while high on drugs, he wound up in a coma after a horrific vehicle accident, and he subsequently said he had considered ending his life several times since she passed away.

Following the vehicle accident, Ben and Jay were reunited (Picture: BBC)

Lola will make a second appearance this Christmas; she made her first appearance in a unique video message for Lexi that was stored in a memory box throughout the summer.

She reaffirmed her love for Lexi in that letter and advised her to ask for help from Ben and Jay, who would be there for her “every step of the way.”

This time, Honey is the one who offers Jay a unique message that Lola recorded.

He listens to what Lola has to say after being encouraged, and he is shocked by what he hears.

What is said in the telegram by Lola? Is that particularly for Jay? Billy, how will he interpret it? Will it be sufficient to assist Jay in getting his life back on track?

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