EastEnders spoilers: Reiss is traumatized by death after learning heartbreaking news

Reiss received some unsettling news (BBC picture).

When Reiss Colwell (Natalie Cassidy and Jonny Freeman) got a call from the hospital, what had begun as a pleasant day for Sonia Fowler and Reiss Colwell in EastEnders turned devastating.

After learning that Reiss was unable to conceive naturally, the couple just began their IVF adventure in the hopes of becoming parents. Things got off to a good start.

Reiss disclosed to Rocky and Kathy (Brian Conley and Gillian Taylforth) that he and Sonia had visited the clinic where she had received a trigger shot when they were having drinks in the Queen Vic.

This implied that they would be able to collect Sonia’s eggs and begin the procedure of fertilizing them 36 hours after administering the dose.

Once they got home, Sonia wanted Reiss to join her in suggesting that they spend a romantic evening together to help them unwind before giving the injection.

He nodded, and before long Sonia was donning her finest nightie and scattering rose petals all over the steps.

She had no idea that Reiss was in the kitchen, handling a frantic phone conversation when he got some awful news.

He informed Sonia without delay that he had received a call from the hospital, which stated that Debbie, his wife, had re-infected and that they were unsure whether she would survive this time.

Viewers will be aware that Debbie, Reiss’ wife, suffered a stroke in the bathtub and is currently in a coma.

Reiss’s marriage to Debbie shocked Sonia at first, but she quickly warmed up to him and consented to sit with him when he visited Debbie.

Reiss proposed that they do the trigger shot right away because Debbie’s future was unknown, but Sonia clarified that she didn’t want to rush anything.

Sonia persuaded Reiss to go be with his wife, assuring him that the trigger shot could wait, as he had no clue what to do.

Will Debbie recover, or will Reiss have a fatal heart attack?

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