Emmerdale spoilers: An unpleasant Christmas surprise leaves Tom inconsolable

He’s not content! (Image: ITV)

In forthcoming episodes of Emmerdale, James Chase’s character Tom King is very enthused about the idea of the village’s annual Christmas Fair.

It’s not typically a very exciting occasion, unless you love seeing Andy Moore play Father Christmas and watching amateur carol singers like PC Swirling.

However, Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) is in charge this year, and she is adamant that this occasion will go down in the Dales’ annals. She is also hosting special visitors.

Ever since his return to Emmerdale, Tom has remained somewhat of an enigmatic character.

Since his return, Tom’s behavior has been inconsistent (Picture: ITV).

Another violent outburst was witnessed when Belle refused to accept Tom’s marriage proposal, causing her to fall and injure her head.

When Belle protested that it hadn’t changed her feelings for him, he appeared both mortified by what he’d done and thrilled.

Tom says in future episodes that he has a plan to make Christmas special, but his plan doesn’t work out. He is depressed, but he quickly gets upbeat when he finds out that Nicola has some surprise visitors scheduled for the Christmas Fair.

He’s hoping that Torvill and Dean, two of his all-time favorite skating icons, will be there. We never would have imagined that he was such a huge admirer of Dean and Torvill. And what could be more typical than Dean and Torvill at a village function in Emmerdale?

He’s growing more and more thrilled as the big day draws near, and Chas has an idea to make the day even more special. She tells Belle that today would be a great time for her to pop the question.

However, Tom’s dream day does not come true when he makes his way to the fair since Nicola’s special visitors turn out to be a huge letdown.

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