Emmerdale spoilers: Nicky warns Caleb as his infidelity is revealed

Nicky discovered the reality. (Image: ITV)

In Thursday’s (December 7) Emmerdale episode, Nicky Milligan (Lewis Cope) confronted Caleb (William Ash) after discovering that he was having an affair with Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh).

The two characters have been hanging out together for a few weeks now, even though they’ve tried to put some distance between them.

In tonight’s episode, Caleb used his automobile to send Nate (Jurell Carter) on a job in an attempt to keep him away from Tracy.

Tracy arrived at Mill Cottage when Nate was leaving the town, and before long, she and Caleb were sharing a kiss.

Caleb and Tracy started talking about their feelings for one other after they had slept together.

While acknowledging that he has cheated in the past, Caleb keeps the wrongdoing apart from his everyday activities. But Tracy felt so bad. Just a few months before, she wed Nate, and she persisted in telling herself that her relationship with Caleb was simply sexual and had no emotional attachment.

Unbeknownst to them both, a police officer had stopped over Nate throughout this sequence of events and informed him that Caleb’s car’s tire was unfit for usage.

Furious that he had accepted responsibility for Caleb’s mistake, Nate made his way home prepared to face his uncle.

Nate was enraged at Caleb (ITV photo).

Tracy rushed into the bathroom as Nicky and Nate came into Mill Cottage.

Tracy was able to persuade Nate that she was going to see Caleb for business counsel, but Nicky—smart and a cuter than his father—saw the broken sofa and wine glasses on the side.

Later on, Nicky faced his father and discovered that Tracy was the object of his affections.

Nicky was incensed and questioned how Caleb could once more betray Nate and his family. He emphasized that Caleb is jeopardizing his feeling of acceptance by the Dingles, which he currently feels.

Nicky went on to tell his father that he knew who he would support when the Dingles found out and turned against him.

Will Caleb, however, pay attention to Nicky and end the affair before things truly spiral out of control?

Or will Caleb’s perspective shift with the arrival of his wife Ruby (Beth Cordingly)?

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