First glimpse of Rhona and Marlon’s Christmas bombshell is shown in Emmerdale

Rhona and Marlon’s Christmas shock as they are thrust into an unforeseen shift in circumstances has been teased by Emmerdale.

Lookers will be aware that Rhona’s former partner Gus utilized her frozen embryos covertly to help his spouse Lucy become pregnant. But tragically, Lucy died giving birth to their daughter, Ivy.

Since then, Rhona has been experiencing difficulties with her maternal instincts toward Ivy; however, mother Mary has advised her not to become involved and has offered to check in with Gus and Ivy directly in an effort to allay Rhona’s concerns.

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Mary continues to assist the bereaved Gus with his infant in new scenes that will premiere the week of December 18. However, her concerns intensify when she receives a call from funeral planners that discloses the extent of Gus’s difficulties.

Rhona, who is eager for updates, watches Mary go to see Gus and Ivy, and Mary minimizes Gus’s difficulties in front of her. However, Mary worries that Gus is going too far while he’s at his place.

Later, when Rhona and Marlon find out that Mary is returning home with Gus and Ivy and that they would be staying for a few days leading up to Christmas, they are taken aback.

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Ivy’s cries keep everyone up for breakfast the next morning, exhausted from lack of sleep. It soon becomes apparent that Marlon has little time for the new houseguests, despite Rhona’s best efforts to maintain decorum.

Will the couple become strained as a result of this?

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Before hinting at what’s to come, show producer Laura Shaw previously stated that Gus and Ivy will “hugely disrupt” Rhona and Marlon’s Christmas.

She said to Digital Spy and other media, “In the new year, we’ll see Rhona pushed to breaking point — she’s forced to make a reckless decision that threatens to harm her whole family and perhaps disrupt the relationships of their family.”

“Is she going to lose everything in her effort to assist baby Ivy, or can she be persuaded out of it as she is being pushed to the breaking point?”

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