In a depressing Christmas plotline, Coronation Street provides an Aggie update.

Aggie’s been away for a while (Picture: ITV)

Since the summer, Aggie Bailey (Lorna Laidlaw) has not been seen on Coronation Street. Not only has the audience missed the well-liked figure, but her family has too.

We just learned that Aggie has been taking care of her sister away from Weatherfield, which is why we haven’t seen her on TV lately.

Things for her husband Ed (Trevor Michael Georges) have been slowly getting worse while she’s been gone. He’s been pulled back into the realm of gambling due to a number of financial misfortunes; gambling was an addiction he previously nearly broke and has since attempted to stay away from.

Ed’s desperation has grown while his family continues to think he’s controlling his addiction and acting tough.

In upcoming episodes, Ed’s father Sarge (Ram John Holder) offers him some cash to pay for the Christmas meal, but Ed also needs to pay Tony (Sean Cernow) for the job he did and has a payday loan that he needs to pay back. Ed also wagers Sarge’s money on a horse.

After learning with sadness that Aggie won’t be able to spend Christmas at home, the family decides to make the day extra memorable for Glory (Eleanor Beckles) as a way of making up for her loss.

Ed is not interested in spending Christmas in Weatherfield (Image: ITV).

When Paul (Peter Ash) shows up with the money he owes Ed, Ed is relieved that he can now pay Tony. However, Ed is once more left holding nothing when Sarge believes the money is for him before he can give it to him.

Ed receives some cash from Ronnie (Vinta Morgan) to purchase a round of drinks when the family visits the restaurant. Tony notices that he appears to have more cash, so he is reasonably upset that he is still waiting for the money he is due and Ed is only able to provide him with justifications.

He informs Ed that he needs his money the next day.

An anxious Ed chooses to travel to Birmingham to spend Christmas with Aggie and escape his troubles as he is aware that he cannot pay Tony.

He’s ready to depart with his luggage packed when Tony storms into the house.

Ed discovers that Aggie is the caller when his phone rings. Tony threatens to reveal to her the whole extent of Ed’s self-inflicted catastrophe. Ed reaches for the phone in horror, but Tony strikes him, sending him to the ground.

Ed is hurt and injured when the other family members arrive home, and the Christmas gifts that were beneath the tree are all gone.

How is Ed going to explain what went down?

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