In this Coronation Street spoiler video, Evelyn is traumatized as she confronts Terry about mistreating his puppy.

After witnessing a puppy being abused, Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman), who has always loved pets, becomes distraught in a new Coronation Street spoiler video.

Evelyn confronted Terry in front of the audience after she saw him mistreat his tiny puppy on the street.

When Terry became aggressive, fortunately, Cassie Plummer (David Neilson) and Roy Cropper (Claire Sweeney) were there to support her, with Cassie choosing to record his tirade on her phone.

Unfortunately, as this new spoiler video reveals, Evelyn runs into Terry again.

Evelyn hears Terry yelling at his dog as she ejects a client from outside the charity shop and closes his van door.

Evelyn and Terry have a history together. (Picture: ITV)

Although Evelyn quickly emphasizes the dangers of leaving pets in cars unsupervised, Terry charges her of meddling.

Terry maintains that he is watching out for his partner, who is allergic to dogs, despite her explanation that she is only worried about the dog’s wellbeing.

Evelyn heads straight for the charity shop while Terry leaves his dog in the truck, but what is she doing to?

Evelyn makes a choice later after hearing the puppy whining in the back of the van, and Roy is taken aback when she brings her new animal companion home.

Evelyn’s major plot is about to begin, as showrunner Iain MacLeod hinted at before.

We effectively narrowed down the list of things that the viewers loved by saying that they loved Evelyn and dogs, as who doesn’t love dogs? We then decided to write a tale about it. In actuality, it ends up in quite severe area.

Evelyn turns herself into a bit of an adversary by dressing like a guy she witnesses abusing his dog. And it all begins with that very brief interaction when they run into each other at the station and exchange a few disparaging remarks.

And from there, things get complicated to the point that Evelyn and Cassie find themselves in grave jeopardy, making court appearances and hospital visits necessary.

In light of this, ought Evelyn should have hesitated before committing herself to Terry?

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