The shocked outcome of I’m A Celebrity has left EastEnders’ Natalie Cassidy perplexed. How come?

Natalie Cassidy, an actress from EastEnders, voiced her displeasure with the most recent I’m A Celebrity removal.

Actress Danielle Harold, well known for her role as Lola Pearce-Brown on the venerable BBC soap opera, was the latest celebrity to go.

Natalie, her co-star who portrays Sonia Fowler, wasn’t too fond of this.

She posted a video of herself getting set to watch the episode on Thursday on Instagram, writing, “Some mornings you need to get home from the school run and have a cuddle under a blanket.”

“Imaceleb caught up with me, and my @danielle_harold left for home!” WHAT???? She’s my queen, she was incredible. ? Oh, and I really need some lighting for my lounge. Nothing I want to find ? ♥️ everyone have a good Friday.

As Natalie did, fans were quick to remark on Danielle’s departure.

The last person to exit the jungle was Danielle (Image: ITV).

Laurjmont shot back, “Gutted.” Danielle ought to have been in the top three. She’s wonderful, x.

“Have a lovely day,” Emma.guppy.98 said. Natalie As again, your performance on EastEnders was fantastic. I find it hard to believe that Danielle Harold, who I thought would win, was voted out.

Danielle spent twenty days in camp after leaving Albert Square for the Australian bush, and the public chose to remove her.

Danielle expressed her immense gratitude to Ant and Dec, the hosts, despite the outcome. She mentioned that there were moments when she forgot they were being filmed and thought she was simply “camping with buddies.”

Numerous disgruntled fans expressed their thoughts on social media shortly after the results were made public.

Viewer Maria posted on X, previously Twitter, saying, “Everyone who voted to keep Nigel [Farage] in over someone like her should be terribly ashamed of themselves. Danielle is such a great, kind, nice woman.”

Holly, an additional admirer, said: “How has Danielle gone before Nigel?!?” I believed that the fact that he was on the show before it began was causing riots among the public.

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