Coronation Street spoilers: Daisy rapes Audrey in order to obtain the Rovers

Daisy is adamant about reclaiming the bar. (Image: ITV)

Coronation Street’s beloved Rovers Return pub’s future is still uncertain. Since the fall, it has been boarded up and closed, first for renovations.

Subsequently, the horrifying information surfaced that the corporation that had purchased it planned to sell it and turn it into apartments. For both locals and spectators, it is an unimaginable idea.

Daniel (Rob Mallard) believes that by purchasing the company and operating it as a pub, he and Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) can build a future for themselves and Bertie as a family. However, his plans are derailed when a remorseful Daisy tells him that she had an affair with Ryan (Ryan Prescott).

Meanwhile, previous landlady Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) would give anything to have the Rovers back.

Sue Nicholls plays Audrey, and when she gives Jenny (Todd Boyce) his laptop, she searches for her previous work files on it. Jenny believes that the book he revised the day before he passed away, “Infinity Seagull Ventures,” may provide the secret to where Stephen hidden the cash he took from Underworld. When she brings the laptop to the police with Carla (Alison King), DS Swain (Vicky Myers) informs her that they lack the tools necessary to attempt to decipher Stephen’s password.

Jenny and Carla realize that Audrey can assist them (Image: ITV)

But, Audrey has Stephen’s journal, one of his belongings, so perhaps the password key is on Coronation Street after all.

Audrey rejects Jenny and Carla’s attempts to get her to show them the journal. Jenny is discouraged, but Daisy encourages her to keep going since, should the money be found, she should have a share of it and it could even be sufficient for her to purchase the Rovers.

Jenny is at a lost for what to do, so Daisy chooses to forward things. While David (Jack P. Shepherd) is in the restaurant, she takes his keys from his coat and enters the Platts’ home.

As she frantically looks everywhere for Audrey’s possible hiding place for the journal, she hears the sound of a key being turned in the lock.
Daisy races upstairs in time to see Audrey enter the space.

Daisy is trapped upstairs and doesn’t know how she’s going to explain herself to all the Platts who are ready to return home.

Will someone catch her?

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