Emmerdale spoilers: A significant turn of events with Chas and Charles’ romance “proven” during Aaron’s outburst

Charles becomes a friend to Chas. (Image: ITV)

A new relationship between Aaron (Danny Miller) and his mother and the real Vicar goes unnoticed because everyone in Emmerdale is too preoccupied with seeing Aaron live out his bad boy dream.

While Chas (Lucy Pargeter) is an expert at maintaining his composure in the face of difficulty, Charles (Kevin Mathurin) is an expert at seeing through that type of front.

Charles closes closer on Chas to lend his support as Aaron continues to terrorize his mother and erodes her willpower.

He prods her to talk about how she’s feeling, and like a real magician, he magically gets her to disclose her hurt and feelings of loneliness toward her kid at a time when Chas is most vulnerable.

Later, when Charles witnesses Aaron’s hate in person, he chastises the wild animal for acting disrespectfully toward his mother. Aaron, of course, thinks this—a vicar reprimanding him—to be amusing.

He provokes Charles, and it succeeds when Charles snaps and moves at Aaron. Aaron is laughing heartily at the whole thing, while Charles feels humiliated by what he did.

Aaron’s actions toward his mother only become worse (Image: ITV)

Charles crawls up to Chas and puts his tail between his knees to ask for forgiveness. But his apology is not necessary for Chas. Despite her loneliness, she is happy that she and Charles are becoming closer. Rebecca Sarker’s character Manpreet is unaware of the flames between these two.

However, Aaron is facing another thorn in his side. In an attempt to get revenge on Charles, he goes for Ethan (Emile John). Ethan feels a connection between them as he draws him inside the Mill.

However, Aaron receives an incredibly harsh reaction when he subsequently carries out the second half of his vengeance plan: he humiliates an infatuated Ethan in front of his father, and both Charles and Chas lose it. It’s time to put an end to his wild behavior.

Although Aaron and his horrible deeds are the center of attention, Chas and Charles are becoming more intimate and dangerously close to one another.

Is Chas going to have an explosive affair with Charles in the upcoming big storyline?

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