Emmerdale spoilers: Tracy is terrified as her relationship with Caleb reaches a critical point.

Has it already ended? (Image: ITV)

In Emmerdale, Tracy (Amy Walsh) has shown a lack of concern over her infidelity to her husband by sleeping with his uncle thus far.

There has just been a fleeting hint of regret, but she has grown increasingly impulsive in an attempt to have five minutes in bed with Caleb (Will Ash) since his allure has been too strong.

But Tracy, who exudes an excessive sense of confidence in her ability to avoid detection, has a surprise in store.

After witnessing Caleb and Tracy sharing a bed, Nicky (Lewis Cope) has now been involved in the high-profile covert operation. The risk factor has increased by ten.

“I don’t think there are sentiments there,” actor Will Ash once said of Caleb, who just wants what he wants.

He claimed that “Caleb’s motivation is often driven by his desire for everything.” Even though he knows it’s banned and taboo, he will still pursue it. Although he is aware that he shouldn’t be sleeping with his nephew’s wife, he still feels drawn to do so.

Tracy and Caleb are taking a significant risk (Image: ITV).

Is Tracy, who will do anything to find Caleb, in the same situation? Tracy’s thoughts are firmly fixed on Caleb as Nate wins Best Santa at the Christmas fair.
As their romance intensifies, Nicky criticizes the couple for their reckless risk-taking after being astounded by their carefree demeanor.

Tracy unleashed a new dread. She is left reeling from her dreadful secret, fearing that Nicky knows it too.

Caleb makes an effort to comfort her, but will this be sufficient to get Tracy to pay attention when so much is at stake?

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