Heartbreaking moments from Emmerdale air as a huge icon leaves.

Lydia’s made a decision (Picture: ITV)

Karen Blick’s character Lydia Dingle has left the Emmerdale village after learning that Kim Tate (Claire King) was with Ben Addis’s character Craig Reed in his last moments.

Because Craig was injured during their battle, Sam (James Hooton) believed he was to blame for Craig’s death.

This was untrue, as we now know that the rapist was killed by Kim’s horse Ice after being knocked down.

Kim and Cain (Jeff Hordley) decided to keep the facts a secret after this incident.

This was effective for a few weeks, but Kim discovered yesterday, December 7, that Lydia was becoming more and more disturbed by the details of Craig’s death that she was unaware of.

Kim sat at the Dingle home and listened to Lydia ask whether Sam was still lying to her or if Craig was left alone when he passed away.

That’s when Kim convinced herself that it was best to share the whole truth. She informed Lydia that Ice bolted when Craig hurt him, and it was the exact move that killed him.

Lydia recognized she needed some time off. (Image: ITV)

Lydia, unable to comprehend the enormous turn of events, thought that Kim had purposefully irritated Ice so that if he attempted to protect himself, he wouldn’t have to consider the person in front of him.

The ITV soap opera’s Friday, December 8 episode found Lydia still in shock after Kim’s revelation.

Then Cain showed up, interrupting Lydia and Sam’s conversation. Though they were still in the dark about Cain’s relationship with Kim, the couple informed Cain about Kim’s role in Craig’s demise.

Lydia went to meet Mandy (Lisa Riley) at the salon following a visit from Kim.

Craig was killed after Kim’s horse panicked, toppling him (Picture: ITV)

She sobbed there and received comfort from her in-laws, who assured her that everything will return to normal—it would just take some time.

When Lydia got home, she told Sam that she had to leave the community in order to make things right.

Sam and Samson (Sam Hall) were reassured by Lydia, who disclosed that she would be spending a few weeks with her mother, that she would be in constant contact to check on them.

Lydia informed Samson as she packed her luggage that she would not be there for Christmas but would soon make a comeback.

Although the surprise devastated Samson and Sam, they came to terms with the fact that Lydia must act if it would benefit her.

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