Emmerdale spoilers: A family hits a breaking point as funeral trauma is revealed

The family is going through a difficult moment right now. (Image: ITV)

In Emmerdale, Rhona’s (Zoe Henry) infatuation with Baby Ivy has caused a rift between her and Marlon (Mark Charnock). In an attempt to limit the harm, Mary (Louise Jameson) sets off a land mine by intervening.

Assisting Gus (Alan McKenna) in keeping Rhona away from the situation, Mary finds herself drawn in just as readily as her daughter was.

Gus is now prepping for Lucy’s funeral. However, Mary receives a call from the funeral directors informing her that he is not handling things well.

Meanwhile, Rhona is desperate for news and is going crazy. She sees Mary slinking off to visit Gus, but Mary keeps the details of how horrible things are for the new dad to herself in an attempt to keep things discreet.

Mary arrives at Gus’ residence to see quite the scene—Gus isn’t caring for the baby or himself at all. She makes an unexpected move by packing up Gus and Ivy and returning them to Rhona and Marlon’s house.

Marlon is terrified of what will happen to his family and is appalled by who is moving in. He will be in complete disarray after the relocation. “To have them for Christmas is a great act of will on his part to accept that,” actor Mark Charnock said. Even though he’ll claim to accept it, it seems like a bomb has just gone off in his life.

Gus and Ivy are brought home by Rhona (Image: ITV)

It seems as though it has nothing to do with him, but in reality, it does.

It’s going to affect him and Rhona tremendously.

The newborn adds a new level of stress to the family, not just because of her circumstances but also because everyone is now attempting to get by on little sleep. Rhona makes a valiant effort to maintain good relations despite the tense nature of breakfast.

However, Marlon is at his wits’ end and finds it difficult to adjust to the significant changes in his life over which he has no control. Is this the beginning of the couple’s demise?

questioned actor Mark Charnock about Marlon and Rhona’s future. He expressed his hopes that they will succeed, but nothing is certain right now.

“It’s nearly hard to comprehend the ramifications of anything like this, it’s so weighty and contentious,” he said.

This narrative might go in any number of ways. I believe Marlon would wish because he wants the best for her but is afraid of what may happen if they had that child.

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