Olivia Bromley from Emmerdale shares nostalgic and traditional Christmas moments.

Dawn is going to have a happy holiday season. (Image: ITV)

A soap opera birth is a must for Christmas, and this year in Emmerdale Dawn (Olivia Bromley) and Billy (Jay Kontzle) are eager for their first child to arrive.

Typically, plans don’t work out precisely as expected. When Dawn goes into labor following Will (Dean Andrews) learning of her involvement in the killing of rapist Craig (Ben Addis), her preferred birthing companion, Kim Tate (Claire King), is really slumped over the birthing pool intoxicated.

With just Aaron (Danny Miller) for company, Dawn begins to have contractions at the Christmas Fair in the meanwhile.

What follows was revealed to by Olivia Bromley.

‘I think Dawn wants to do everything absolutely different this second opportunity at pregnancy, because she had a really horrible experience being pregnant when she was addicted to heroin and had her kid taken away from her,’ the spokesperson said.

She wants a water delivery and wants everything to be flawless, but things don’t always go as planned in life. As a result, she ends up giving birth at the Christmas Fair, although she’s really with Aaron at the moment, not Billy. Although she did not anticipate giving birth, she eventually succeeds in returning to her drug-free schedule, and their child is healthy.

Olivia thought that Kim’s eventual participation in the delivery and the implications for her relationship with Dawn were among the most charming aspects.

‘Kim is ultimately a fantastic assistance, and that’s a very pleasant element because Kim and Dawn had a pretty rocky past, dating back to Dawn’s initial relationship with Jamie (Alexander Lincoln). Kim didn’t think Dawn was the proper sort of woman to be in her son’s life, and she didn’t approve of her past.

At the fair, Dawn gives birth (Picture: ITV)

Now that they’re getting closer, Kim and Dawn’s relationship is beginning to resemble that of a mother and daughter, albeit only slightly. Therefore, it means a great lot to them both that Kim was asked to be the birthing partner. Kim participates in the birth and offers assistance.

Kim is not the only one.

“Aaron has a role, but he’s not the main birth partner,” Olivia remarked.

“Everyone is participating—Billy is there, Will is involved.” This delivery is a large family event, but it’s beautifully timed for Christmas; it’s a happy, healthy Christmas, and everything goes according to plan.

Olivia clarified that this delivery was not like the dramatic or traumatic ones that occur frequently in soap operas.

Because of the way the prescriptions were designed, Dawn just entered a state of calm without taking any painkillers. It’s intriguing to see since home deliveries and water births aren’t shown on television very often. deliveries in soap operas are sometimes traumatic, so it’s interesting to see one that goes according to plan.

Dawn gives birth at Home Farm. (Image: ITV)

Olivia informed us that Billy and Dawn had put a lot of effort into ensuring that their son Lucas (Noah Ryan Aspinall) and adopted daughter Clemmie (Mabel Addison) felt extremely confident about their place in the family following the birth of the baby.

We’re witnessing this family unit at its finest at this point in the scripts because the kids are so delighted. Again, because there is usually a tragedy in soap operas, you don’t see that very often. For now, therefore, everything is excellent.

Having never given birth herself, Olivia found the experience of filming the birth sequences to be enjoyable.

“It went well, even though I didn’t anticipate spending the entire day in a birthing pool,” she reminisced.

“Doing this type of thing is really a massive task for an actor, especially if you’ve never done it before.” It was intriguing to strike a balance since, although they may easily be too dramatic, these objects are already fairly dramatic. A 12-day-old newborn infant and a medical advisor were present on the set to provide assistance. I had a great and fascinating day at work. Since Jay had his own children, he was a huge help. Our collaboration on that project went well.

As is typical with soap operas, the family’s future is not entirely certain.

Olivia stated, “I think it’s necessary for the characters to enjoy a moment of pleasure and joy.”

But I don’t think it will continue very long.

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