Spoilers for Coronation Street: Ed hits back hard as the Baileys’ Christmas is almost taken

Tony confronts Ed (Picture: ITV)

Trevor Michael Georges’ character Ed Bailey (who will be suffering from an uncontrollably strong gambling addiction) is going to have a terrible Christmas on Coronation Street.

Ed revealed that he had relapsed to the members of the GA a few weeks earlier while he was there.

He went on to say that he fears what lies ahead and that he thinks his family would abandon him once they discover the truth.

Additionally, because Ed keeps gambling, he hasn’t been able to pay Tony, the handyman, who is growing more and more irritated with Ed’s justifications.

Next, Ed tells his father Sarge that he will have the £1k he promised to lend him. Fortunately, Paul (Peter Ash) shows up with the money he owes Ed from the modifications to the apartment.

Ed is first relieved since paying Tony is his top concern, but Sarge believes the funds are intended for him.

Later, when Ronnie (Vinta Morgan) brings the family to the Bistro, Ed is given some cash to purchase beverages, but Tony notices him and it appears that he is splashing the money rather than giving it to him.

Ed is still concealing the truth (Image: ITV).

Following Tony’s warning, Ed is anxious to escape his troubles and covertly prepares a suitcase, informing Aggie (Lorna Laidlaw) that he would be spending Christmas in Birmingham.

But Ed observes Tony entering the Bailey home forcefully as he opens the front door.

Tony threatens to tell Aggie everything when she calls on Ed’s phone.

Ed falls to the ground as the builder reaches for the phone, but Tony hits him instead.

Upon the family’s return from the Bistro, Ed is tending to a wounded lip, and the Christmas gifts have all disappeared.

But is this the time when Ed comes clean?

Will he use falsehoods to cover up his addiction?

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