A significant fan hypothesis is refuted by EastEnders performers who disclose a shocking Christmas murderer truth.

Who is the murderer? (Image: BBC)

There are spoilers in this article for EastEnders: The Six – Revealed, which is now streaming on BBC iPlayer but hasn’t yet broadcast on television.

A new EastEnders spin-off episode has disproved a major fan theory while keeping viewers on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the Christmas Day murder.

Former EastEnder Joe Swash got down with The Six on the new show The Six – Revealed to talk about what may drive each character to kill and who might meet their maker on the big day.

Actresses Lacey Turner, Balvinder Sopal, Kellie Bright, Letitia Dean, Diane Parish, and Gillian Taylforth all had a lot to say, and the picture features Stacey Slater, Suki Panesar, Linda Carter, Sharon Watts, Denise Fox, and Kathy Beale.

After keeping the identity a well guarded secret for months, Joe disclosed at the start of the program that the murderer had only learned they were going to be the victim.

Diane Parish joked that the ladies would be expelled from their WhatsApp group as soon as they discovered who the silent member was, igniting a furor among the group.

It wasn’t long before the murderer was revealed, as Joe asked the stars if any of them would be willing to come clean.

At that moment, a member of the crew intervened and declared that the set was now closed. This implies that, in terms of television, only those individuals should be in the room when a sequence is being filmed.

Around a dead body, the Six were assembled, but who did it? (Image: BBC)

This could only indicate that the identity of the murderer was going to come to light.

Though at least one of them was putting on a very good show, it was obvious that The Six were anxious to find out who the killer would be as Joe gave them the order to rise.

The cameras turned to black as Joe ordered the murderer to come forward as the famous “duff duffs” blasted into the room. It was obvious that The Six were taken aback by who they were.

However, who was it?

We can only speculate until Christmas day, which is unfortunate, but we can make a few educated predictions.

When questioned about the identity of the killer throughout the show, Suki Panesar was named by far the majority of The Six.

Do their cries of disbelief demonstrate that she isn’t at fault, or are they happy squeals of satisfaction at making the right guess?

We’ve listened to this scene carefully many times and have been able to distinguish Lacey, Kellie, and Diane’s cries. Given how astonished they seem, we wonder whether it’s time to rule out Stacey, Linda, and Denise as possible murderers.

Is this, however, a red herring? Is that a cry of relief that they don’t have to maintain the secret anymore?

The hypothesis that there is a seventh killer has appeared to be disproved by this. Rather of someone else walking into the room, it appears as though one of The Six steps forward.

However, what percentage of The Six have come forward? Were they all capable of killing?

With just two weeks till Christmas Day, we will soon find out and be able to witness their emotions in a second special episode that will broadcast on BBC Three on Christmas Day at 10.45 p.m.

The time is running out.

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