Emmerdale spoiler video: Jacob makes a significant choice regarding their future, leaving Victoria shocked.

After considering their options, Victoria Sugden (Isabel Hodgins) and Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant) have made the decision to come clean to their friends and family about their Emmerdale romance.

Vic and Jacob discovered their romantic affections for one another not long after she unintentionally brought him to the hospital.

Because of David (Matthew Wolfenden), Vic’s ex, the two characters realized getting into a relationship would be extremely risky.

Even though Victoria and Jacob made an effort to keep their distance from one another, they continued to enjoy one other’s company, and David was beginning to believe that he would see Vic again.

Victoria and Jacob concealed their connection from David (Image: ITV).

A few days before to his departure from the town, David learned about his son’s affair with his former partner. After witnessing Jacob and Victoria share a kiss, he was left a shattered man and continued to lash out at them, even accusing Vic of being the same as Maya Stepney, who had been Jacob’s mentor when he was fifteen.

Vic and Jacob desire for their relationship to advance (Image: ITV)

David chose to leave the Dales for London, where Priya (Fiona Wade) and his daughter Amba presently reside, after becoming extremely distraught over the heinous treachery.

Now that David has left, Jacob and Victoria are obviously eager to learn more about their relationship, and they’ve lately come to the realization that things may be simpler if they were more forthcoming with others.

This new clip is from the ITV soap opera that aired on Monday, December 11. Vic stops by the cafe to visit Jacob.

He reassures his anxious partner that the plan to inform Eric (Chris Chittell), Leyla (Roxy Shahidi), and Brenda (Lesley Dunlop) is still on track. But how will they respond?

Leyla was extremely vocal about the chef after Vic made a mistake that sent Jacob to the hospital. What will she say, then, when she finds out her son is seeing someone who almost killed him?

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