Spoilers for Coronation Street: Jenny asks Carla for something desperately.

Jenny’s crossing everything, hopeful Carla can help (Picture: ITV)

Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews), who is getting closer to regaining her beloved Rovers Return bar, is hoping for a Christmas miracle on Coronation Street shortly.

This week, Jenny will go through the files on Todd Boyce’s (Stephen Reid) laptop and discover the file named “Infinity Seagull Ventures,” which he modified the day before he passed away.

When Audrey (Sue Nicholls) shows up at The Kabin with Stephen’s journal, Jenny and Carla (Alison King), who are unable to receive assistance from the police in breaking the password, are given optimism.

Jenny and Carla make every effort to persuade Audrey to turn in the notebook, knowing that it could hold the key to getting the bar open again, but she refuses.

Subsequently, Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) encourages Jenny to persevere, stating that she merits a portion of Stephen’s money for her ordeal and may use it to repurchase the bar.

Daisy stops by the Bistro and notices that all of the Platts’ outerwear are hung up.

She devises a scheme, takes David’s (Jack P Shepherd) keys, enters Number 8, and looks for the journal. But, when Audrey comes back, she had to flee upstairs.

Later on in the week, Jenny asks Carla if she would be willing to provide her the money so that she may repurchase the bar through a mortgage application.

Daisy goes clandestine (Image: ITV)

What will Carla say, though?

If Daisy is able to obtain the journal, will she or Carla be Jenny’s hope and comfort?

Boss Iain MacLeod said, “The reopening of it will be predicated on this little weak basis of a criminal conduct, may we say?” when discussing the pub’s reopening.

Because everything is centered on the wrongdoing they did around the end of the year, I imagine that viewers will be wondering what catastrophe would befall the person who permitted that to happen.

Though I’m not saying they should never change, I believe there are some setups that I wouldn’t want to see updated, gastropubified, or transformed into a chain bar.

“I do feel like the Rover’s décor is going to be upgraded a bit, like I feel oddly possessive of Deirdre’s wallpaper at number one.” However, overall, I quite enjoy how it now looks and feels. It will thus reopen with a very identical appearance.

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