This week’s ten soap opera spoilers: Concerns about Hollyoaks, Coronation Street hostage, Emmerdale Mack heartbreak, Neighbours sex twist, and EastEnders Christmas death disaster

Drama abounds in this week’s soap operas, which are not to be missed (Picture: BBC / ITV)

There is drama galore in the soap opera world as the Christmas season draws near, with some nasty and quite well startling scenes planned for this week.

After another failure in the hunt for Chloe Harris, Mackenzie Boyd of Emmerdale suffers trauma, while Linda Carter of EastEnders is appalled by what Dean Wicks does next.

In Coronation Street, Carter Shepherd, the head teacher of Hollyoaks, raises concerns as Evelyn Plummer, who has been locked in the store by the evil Terry, finds herself in grave danger.

Is he alright, though?

While all is going on, Neighbours keeps serving up surprises, with Byron Stone and Mackenzie Hargreaves turning to one another for solace when depressing news hits Ramsay Street.

Let’s get started. Metro has you covered for all of this and more, providing an early peek at all the drama to come this week.

In EastEnders, Rocky is revealed

As his transgressions finally catch up with him, Rocky must face the music (Picture: BBC / Jack Barnes / Kieron McCarron)

Rocky considers being completely honest, but just as he is ready to start, Kathy acknowledges that she is actually selling the cafe to Nish. Nish can’t help but stir the pot once she does, suggesting that Rocky started the fire. Kathy is inconsolable and doesn’t hesitate to face Harvey, who essentially validates her misgivings. Instead of reporting Rocky to the police, Kathy chastises Nish for his transgressions.

In Neighbours, Bryon and Mackenzie become closer following heartbreaking news.

Mack and Byron become close (Image: Amazon Freevee)

After deciding to travel to the US to see Reece again, Byron is overjoyed. But Mackenzie expresses her doubts since she doesn’t think Reece is as dedicated as he is. Byron is irritated, but Mack’s assumption is validated when Reece gives him a star chain necklace as a breakup gift. A drunken night out ends in a passionate encounter between the two as Byron, inconsolable, turns to Mackenzie for solace.

Evelyn was arrested and hauled to Coronation Street.

Terry is nasty and has Evelyn as a captive. (Image: ITV)

After seeing Hope and Ruby Terry’s dog, Evelyn names her Taylor in honor of Taylor Swift. Terry approaches Evelyn and asks her to explain her actions regarding his dog. Though Evelyn insists she doesn’t know anything, the situation takes a terrifying turn when he confronts her at the store, turns the sign to closed, and asks to know Taylor’s whereabouts.

In Emmerdale, Mack finds Chloe, but destruction ensues.

Mack’s scheme backfires (Image: ITV)

Matty does the right thing and informs Mack that Amy is going to see Chloe and Reuben tomorrow because he is tired of being put in an untenable situation. The next day, Mack teams up with Charity to stealthily follow Amy’s automobile on their journey in an attempt to see his son. When Amy notices their car, she is horrified, but Mack takes her phone and texts Chloe while posing as her sister. But Chloe realizes she’s headed into a trap, and she messages Mack ruthlessly, telling him he won’t see his son again.

Carter in Hollyoaks raises questions

Carter and John Paul had a heart-to-heart (Image: Lime Pictures)

Carter uses Freya’s old medicines as a crutch for his back pain. Carter acknowledges that there are moments when he wishes his demons would triumph, which causes John Paul to become worried about the head instructor. Things take a dramatic turn when Carter’s office is vandalized.

Dean’s gruesome retaliation on EastEnders

Linda confronts Dean over his vile actions (Picture: BBC /Jack Barnes / Kieron McCarron)

When Jade, Dean’s sick daughter, arrives in the Square, she turns off his attempts to console her. While all is going on, Linda is grieving over the anniversary of Mick’s “death” and is upset that Lee and Nancy won’t be returning for Christmas.

But things become worse when she discovers a photo of Dean in Ollie’s company looking like Santa Claus. She rushes to Beale’s Eels and lashes out at him, accusing Jade’s father of being a sexual predator, according to Keanu. When Dean’s attempt to spin this as a lie fails and Jade departs, he heads straight for The Vic.

In Coronation Street, Daisy comes clean

The reality bursts. (Image: ITV)

When Daniel shows Daisy around the Rovers and recommends they buy the bar instead of an apartment, Daisy is astounded. Daisy is overpowered as Jenny and Ken are reacting so strongly to their news.

But Ryan discovers that Daniel is aware of the affair, and he tells Daisy about his concerns. Daisy believes Ryan is being overly anxious. She eventually confesses that she slept with Ryan after becoming so overcome with remorse as she begins to fill out Bertie’s adoption paperwork.

Paddy stands up for Chas in Emmerdale

Paddy backs Chas (Image: ITV)

When Paddy decides to spend Eve’s Christmas with her, Aaron believes that he has given in to Chas. Chas is appreciative of Paddy’s support when he stands up for her and assures her that he and Eve will always love her, regardless of Aaron’s opinions.

In EastEnders, Jack and Stacey become closer.

As Stacey worries about Eve and Theo, Jack consoles her (picture: BBC / Jack Barnes / Kieron McCarron)

Following a conversation about her financial situation, Stacey is moved when Jack purchases Christmas gifts for her kids. However, there will be further anguish when she receives a Christmas card from Theo, whom she believes to be responsible for Eve’s abduction. When Stacey and Suki bring their notion to the police, they are met with little success and get discouraged.

Jenny achieves success in Coronation Street.

Jenny achieves success (Image: ITV)

Jenny discovers a file named “Infinity Seagull Ventures” on Stephen’s laptop, which was last changed the day before he passed away. After bringing the finding to the police station, Jenny and Carla are informed by Swain that they lack the tools necessary to break the password. But Audrey is holding Stephen’s notepad, which Carla and Jenny realize could provide the secret to what they’re searching for.

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