Amelia Flanagan talks about how incredible it was for her to get the Emmerdale part of April.

On the popular soap opera, Amelia portrays April Windsor (Picture: ITV)

Amelia Flanagan, a young star of Emmerdale, talked about how she famously landed a position in the popular ITV serial opera.

The fifteen-year-old actress April Windsor debuted on Emmerdale in 2014 and quickly gained popularity among fans. She even took home three trophies in a single year from the Inside Soap trophies and the British Soap Awards.

And it appears that Amelia’s continuous success can be attributed to one item: a banana costume.

She told OK! that “the director asked me if I could dress up as any character in the world, who would it be?” in response to a question on how she got her ideal part. I believe that although everyone else said “a princess,” I said “a banana,” and I believe that’s why I was selected for the part.

“April was sporting a banana costume in Emmerdale within six months!”

There you have it, then!

Isabella, Amelais’s sister, portrays Hope in Corrie (Image: ITV)

Isabella Flanagan, Amelia’s real-life sister, plays the cunning Hope Stape on Coronation Street, a drama where their brother William plays Joseph Brown.

It is obvious that talent runs in the family!

“That the three of us ended up in soap operas is bizarre,” Amelia has told Inside Soap before. “My sister deserves to win this award more than I do, even though I’m up against Bella for it for the first time.”

Amelia said at the time that it’s “never competitive” but that when there’s an award show, she is inherently “Team Emmerdale” while her siblings are “Team Corrie.”

It’s great, she cried, “I’ve ran lines with Bella where she’s played Hope and I’ve pretended to be a character from Coronation Street, and she’s done the same with me.”

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