Christmas spoilers on Coronation Street: Bethany is at odds with Daisy because she is returning for Daniel.

Is Daisy in for a rough ride now that Bethany is back? (Image: ITV)

Returning to Coronation Street for the New Year, Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon) is bringing trouble with her.

Watchers will recall that in 2020, after an unsuccessful romance with Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard), Bethany moved to London in search of employment.

Does she intend to continue where they left off now that she’s back?

Daniel’s relationship with his fiancĂ© Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) is now in disarray, so when he sees Bethany back home, his expression brightens.

Actress Lucy Fallon stated, “It’s likely that they haven’t communicated at all throughout her absence.”

Therefore, I assume that when they cross paths again, they will both be in quite different stages of life and new situations. I think it will rekindle that connection, whether or not she notices it.

Lucy says that Bethany’s entrance might lead to “unintentional difficulties” for Daniel and Daisy because she’s showing up at such a trying time. She goes on to say that Bethany “hasn’t been aware of what’s been going on.”

Daisy is determined to make things work with Daniel despite their problems, so Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) encourages her to go attempt to make amends with a kiss on New Year’s Day. But what will she discover when she gets there?

Daniel catches Bethany walking along the street again (Image: ITV)

Daisy tells Jenny about her humiliation on New Year’s Day, stating that she believes Daniel’s former girlfriend Bethany has already turned his head.

Is her concern warranted? Could Daisy and Bethany be about to go to war?

Lucy believes that because they are both “strong female figures,” a confrontation between the two is probable.

“I think they’re going to fight.” Furthermore, it’s clear that they both desire the same thing. Additionally, I believe that they will engage in a little power struggle.

But I also find it hard to believe that Bethany would spend a significant amount of time pursuing another woman or girl on the street after all that has happened to her in the past, including incidents with males and Nathan.

“I hope that in the end, they will be closer friends instead of detesting one another as they do now.”

Is it possible that Daisy and Bethany may become unlikely allies?

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