Emmerdale Christmas spoilers: Teens fearing a horrific car tragedy are in grave danger

They have a strategy, but will it backfire? (Image: ITV)

This holiday season, two Emmerdale families may experience a tragic event if twins Cathy and Heath Hope (Gabrielle and Sebastian Dowling) and Angelica King (Rebecca Bakes) decide to take a joyride in Wendy (Susan Cookson)’s vehicle.

Since we know that one of the symptoms of Cathy’s PMDD is that she may occasionally be uncontrollably irresponsible, it is clear that she has placed her own life in danger by engaging in some risky behavior.

She was informed that the hormonal issue might last decades when it was identified early this year.

Thus, Bob (Tony Audenshaw) is shocked to learn that Wendy’s automobile is missing when the teenagers vanish from the town.

According to Tony Audenshaw, “He spots April (Amelia Flanagan) in the street and asks whether she’s seen the twins.”

She claims they went off in Wendy’s car, and she is obviously a very honest person. They’ve left with Angelica riding along with Cathy in the automobile.

Cathy and Heath devise a scheme (Image: ITV)

It appears that the three left for Hotten in order to attend a New Year’s celebration.

Regarding Bob’s response to the revelation, Tony remarked, “He essentially can’t believe that they’ve done it.” To be honest, it’s not quite apparent if he is aware that Cathy is a licensed driver. She has been acting quite erratically for a few months now, which is understandable given the nature of what has transpired in the previous few months and how much of her behavior has been linked to PMDD. I believe that his worry is greater than everything else.

Bob discovers the concerning information as Cathy is driving and Angelica and Heath are making flirtatious moves inside the vehicle.

Heath is irritated with Cathy for not moving quickly enough as they beg her to pick up the pace.
Cathy pushes her foot down, not realizing the dangers until she almost gets into an accident with another automobile. Cathy accelerates her car and takes out into the night.

Could the Hope and King families be on the verge of experiencing a major catastrophe to begin the New Year?

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