Letitia Dean, a legend from EastEnders, shocks everyone by talking about Phil Mitchell’s murder.

Is Phil the corpse? (Image: BBC)

Every episode of EastEnders raises fresh speculations and clues for us to analyze, bringing us closer to learning who guy is expected to be the dead on the floor on Christmas Day.

The Six have had the challenging task of concealing the identity of the dead and whodunit to themselves now that they are fully aware of it. This task can’t have been simple, considering how horrifying actress Letitia Dean discovered the truth.

“Neither I nor I suppose any of us were anticipating that!” She disclosed. I’m eager to watch how it turns out because I know the audience will adore it.

Despite this, it was better not to know because I’m now afraid to speak for fear of saying anything inappropriate.

Being the one to certify the man’s death, Sharon Watts plays a crucial role in the Christmas Day murder. However, is there any possibility that she is connected to the body?

Letitia clarified that Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) and Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden), the two guys in the picture who are connected to Sharon, should also be keeping an eye on their backs.

As viewers are aware, Keanu orchestrated the kidnapping of his son Albie last month and let his mother Karen (Lorraine Stanley) take the fall for it, which ultimately caused her to leave Walford.

Could Keanu stand up to The Six’s wrath? (Image: Jack Barnes/Broadcast/Kieron McCarron)

But might Keanu wind up on the Queen Vic floor if Sharon found out the truth?

“Keanu clearly isn’t the man Sharon believes him to be, and even though she feels terrible about Albie’s paternity, she has no idea he is harboring this huge secret,” Letitia clarified.

Sharon’s family is everything, therefore the thought that Keanu would deliberately manipulate her feelings in such a horrible way would completely shatter her. She couldn’t possibly forgive him for it, in my opinion.

“And then Phil is there.”

Letitia revealed that Sharon also has a secret, which is that Albie is truly Phil’s biological son. What may this entail for her ex-boyfriend?

Say what you will about their dysfunctional relationship, they have always supported one another through their highs and lows, so it is breaking her heart that she is betraying him for Albie. We all know how Phil would respond when he is betrayed by people who matter most to him.

“If the truth were to ever surface, it might be devastating for both Phil and Sharon, since they both have the greatest desire to see their children happy.”

It’s unclear if Phil, Keanu, or someone else is the victim, but it’s safe to assume that this plot has been well-liked by both celebrities and fans.

“It’s been amazing,” Letitia said. We’re all overjoyed with the response, and reading through all of the hypotheses is a lot of fun. Over the course of the year, I have even changed my opinion about a few of them!

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