Ricky Champ reminisces about Christmas with his co-stars in Eastenders.

Fans were ecstatic when former EastEnder Ricky Champ shared a joyful flashback photo with his co-stars.

The actor, who portrayed the villain-turned-fan-favorite Stuart Highway, flaunted his Santa Claus ensemble with his gorgeous elves, Jessie Wallace (Kat Slater) and Shona McGarty (Whitney Dean).

“Christmas throwback @shonabmx @jessie.wallace_official @bbceastenders,” was the caption he wrote for the photo.

The innocent-looking but slightly provocative photo captured the attention of many, to which bezerinatour2 responded, saying, “You seem like a very wicked santa ?, and your elves too ?.”

“Very lovely Merry Christmas when it arrives Ricky,” Mckillopsamantha continued.

The 43-year-old departed the BBC One serial opera last year, not long after Rainie’s on-screen wife Tanya Franks made a surprise appearance for his farewell scenes.

The performer appeared in Stuart Highway (Image: Kieron McCarron / Jack Barnes / BBC)

As his time in the Square came to a conclusion, Stuart was fighting breast cancer and dealing with postpartum depression with the birth of his son Roland.

When Stuart and Rainie reconciled following a difficult phase in their marriage, they decided to make a fresh start outside of Walford.

The two, in poignant scenes bidding farewell to their loved ones, hijacked a hearse from Jay and rode out of Walford in a way that only Rainie and Stuart could have.

As we determined it was time for Stuart to go and get some rest, we had that conversation, the actor said in a MyLondon interview last year. “The door is open.”

“Who knows what the future holds, but not for a long, I don’t suppose. He’s not dead.”

The actor also discussed the changes he saw in his on-screen demeanor while living in Albert Square.

“In EastEnders, I went from villain to hero to dad,” Ricky declared. Working on a character’s arc for five years was incredible. It was strange to part from him.

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