Spoilers for Coronation Street Christmas: Unexpected and poignant moments as Peter permanently departs from the Street

We are not prepared at all (Image: ITV)

Future episodes of Coronation Street will include Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) leaving Weatherfield, as has long been planned.

The adored figure has experienced difficulties in his day-to-day existence since his murder of Todd Boyce’s Stephen Reid.

DS Swain (Vicky Myers) stated there was no grounds to arrest Peter once fresh material surfaced, despite the initial appearance that he would do time in prison for the experience.

Peter felt stuck living on the cobbles because of this. He asked Allison King’s character Carla (a busy and stressed Carla) a few months earlier if she would consider packing up and moving to a different country, but she refused, saying she had to remain and get Underworld back on track.

Carla will hear Peter talk to her about his mental health in upcoming episodes of the ITV soap opera.

When she realizes how hopeless Peter is, she is devastated and becomes resolved to try and help.

According to Alison King, “it is stomach wrenching when he opens up and admits he feels like he is not living a life.”

It truly confirms for her what she has been thinking—that he doesn’t feel like he is living life to the fullest, not even with her by his side. She is quite saddened by that, but she soon begins to consider other options, puts him first, and considers what she should do. She needs his desire to be its owner. Be honest with her. And consider what’s best for him in isolation.

One last Christmas spent together for Peter and Carla (Image: ITV)

Carla receives a lovely gift from Peter on Christmas Day: a bracelet that says “P loves C.” Peter is shocked when Carla gives him his present after being surprised by it herself.

The touching episode examines Carla and Peter’s relationship on Boxing Day.

They realize that even though they will always love one other, they might be better off apart as they reflect on their time spent together.

Following their last meal together, Carla and Peter leave the apartment together, Peter leading the way in his holdall.

Peter is moved and taken aback to see that everyone in the family—aside from Simon (Alex Bain)—is waiting for him outdoors.

After exchanging tearful goodbyes with each of them, Peter assures Ken (William Roache) that he will stay in touch.

Bobby shows up soon after Peter leaves (Image: ITV)

We simply trust each other, and they and I have amazing chemistry together. Thus, it simply works,” Alison said, elucidating her belief as to why so many people adore Carla and Peter.

And you know, they understand each other so well that they can go through anything together, even the softer times. They have developed quite a bit as a pair. I believe that the audience can see that. They just have a certain chemistry and are both really flawed individuals, which makes sense when together. And I believe that’s what everyone aspires to have.

Carla chooses to work from home the following day as she attempts to get used to living without Peter.

She dashes outside and nearly trips over a young man named Bobby (Jack Carroll) on the factory stairs.
Later, Bobby makes a call to the apartment, and Carla answers the door, mistaking him for the pizza delivery guy.

Bobby then discloses to Carla—to her great surprise—that he is, in fact, Rob Donovan’s son!

Rob calls Carla, who says Bobby may remain for a few weeks as long as he abides by her rules.

Bobby is ecstatic.What may thus go wrong?

“She is clearly not searching for love, she’s still got her rings on, and she’s not over Peter just like that,” Alison observed in reference to Bobby’s presence. But when Bobby enters the picture, it forces her to emerge from her melancholy and turn introspective.

She is attempting to be very direct when she says, “You know, I’ve done this, I’ve made this decision, and I’ve assisted Peter in making this decision to leave along the way.” It was going to be difficult, but she doesn’t want to be around people who are cautious about her in the workplace, but Bobby’s arrival has kind of shocked her out of it since he’s so much trouble.

“Any self-indulgence is stopped by him coming in and causing a little bit of mischief and her having to support him in lots of various ways.”

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