Spoilers for Coronation Street: Rovers are back! In a special New Year’s edition, the bar returns.

The bar reopens at last! (Image: ITV)

The inhabitants of Coronation Street find it unimaginable to spend Christmas without being able to have a drink at the Rovers Return, but regrettably, that is exactly what they have to do with this year as the bar is closed and boarded up.

Fortunately, guests won’t have to wait long to have a pint at the renowned bar because the Rovers will reopen in style on New Year’s Eve.

Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) learns that her and Daisy’s (Charlotte Jordan) offer was approved, making the Rovers theirs formally a few days before the new year. Better yet, Waterford’s has announced that they will be able to reopen the pub in time for New Year’s Eve.

Jenny brings Daisy, Sean (Antony Cotton), Glenda (Jodie Prenger), and Gemma (Dolly-Rose Campbell) back with all they need to start the celebration after assembling her former staff team.

Everyone pitches in to prepare the bar for its big reopening as the neighborhood has missed having a place to go to celebrate victories and share sorrows.

Since it closed, the location has undergone some renovations, but Iain MacLeod, the head of Corrie, has told us that the modifications won’t be too significant.

Thank goodness! (Picture: ITV)

He assured me that it wouldn’t appear drastically different. Though I’m not saying they should never change, I believe there are some setups that I wouldn’t want to see updated, gastropubified, or transformed into a chain bar.

“I do believe that the Rover’s interior design will be slightly changed.” However, overall, I quite enjoy how it now looks and feels. It will thus reopen with a very identical appearance.

Naturally, the Rovers Return wouldn’t be the same without Betty Williams, who plays Betty Driver. It’s a touching moment when Gary Windass (Mikey North) puts the renowned barmaid’s photograph back on the wall because it has been there since 2012, the year she passed away.

The Rovers crew gets ready for the evening by dressing tastelessly in anticipation of a busy night filled with joyous celebrations. It promises to be a memorable evening.

More good news arrives the next day when Jenny informs Daisy that they have permission from Waterford’s to return to the bar full-time while the sale is pending. Everything seemed to be returning to normal.

Iain MacLeod cautioned that Jenny and Daisy’s new ownership conditions may come back to bother them, thus it might be too soon to let their guard down just yet.

We were not interested in it simply opening up again and acting as if nothing had occurred. We intended for it to reveal a subterranean bomb that we would detonate at a later date in the year,’ he jokingly said.

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