Coronation Street actress talks about attempting suicide after “losing everything.”

Speaking out against the Covid vaccination, Sean Ward (Picture: Rex Features)

Sean Ward, a former Coronation Street actor, has disclosed that his prior anti-vaccine beliefs caused him to spiral “out of control several times.”

The 35-year-old, who portrayed Callum Logan on the ITV serial opera, was a vocal opponent of the Covid-19 vaccination and frequently showed up at rallies.

Sean was detained in September 2021 in Canary Wharf, London, during an anti-vaccination demonstration. Police were seen escorting Sean away from the scene.

But for the previous three years, he has been unable to find employment, which has made it difficult for him to pay his rent.

The Our Girl star shared a photo of himself on a red carpet at the height of his acting career along with a description of his experience on Instagram.

He wrote: “I tried suicide in 2018 after realizing there was evil in the world and no one seemed concerned. I know how isolated and lonely this can be.”

From 2014 to 2015, Sean played Callum Logan in Corrie (Picture: Rex Features).

“I decided to at least try filtering through the propaganda together and sabotaging my own reasonably successful career—to go from earning 120K a year to 12K a year, sleeping on a friend’s mattress is actually unfathomable to most people—using whatever s**tty little platform I’d built through my acting career.”

“I’m still developing a life to be proud of,” he said. In my opinion, though, it was more of a moral requirement than much of a choice. Of course, there are always other methods to make a living for the resourceful, and during the past three years, I’ve rebuilt myself numerous times when all hope seemed gone, so it doesn’t feel like I’ve wasted much.

“I haven’t slipped down that dreadful road now for months,” he said in closing.

I am proud of myself, and I hope that everyone else feels the same way. You’re never by yourself. We’ve all expressed our concern. And it is what motivates me. I’m grateful. Seany X.

When Sean first debuted on Coronation Street in 2014 and 2015, he was reportedly paid about £100,000 a year. He later starred in the BBC series Our Girl with Michelle Keegan.

The actor was nominated for two British Soap Awards: best debut and villain of the year, for his performance in Corrie.

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