EastEnders Christmas spoilers: Crushed Whitney receives heartbreaking news

She’s not prepared. (Image: BBC)

As the new year begins, Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) gets some distressing news that dashes her aspirations of getting to know little Ashton on EastEnders.

Soon after Whitney and Zack (James Farrar) are approved as foster parents, they will take in a young boy named Ashton into their household.

As the young man struggles to settle in, he is startled by sounds outside and wakes Whitney up with Ashton’s cries.

As she rushes to comfort him, she discovers that Zack, who is having trouble connecting with Ashton, and her are at odds.

When Zack and Whitney inform Ashton that he will be moving to a new foster family on New Year’s Day, they are sad.

Zack chooses to drink his sorrows at Peggy’s with Martin (James Bye) as Whit suffers.

Whit makes Yolande a friend. (Image: BBC)

Whitney gives Sonia (Natalie Cassidy) a photo of Ashton with his new foster family following his departure.

Whitney then goes to Peach’s tree at the allotment, trying to accept his early departure.

Yolande (Angela Wynter), who discusses her personal experiences with fostering, interrupts her.

Is Whitney going to benefit from this chat?

She is shown making a decision later in the week, but what effect will it have on Zack?

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