Spoilers for EastEnders: Linda Carter and Sharon Watts learn startling information about one another before a murder occurs.

Both Linda and Sharon learned each other’s secrets. (Image: BBC)

Spoilers from this article relate to Wednesday’s (December 13) episode of EastEnders, which you can view on BBC iPlayer right now even though it hasn’t yet aired on television.

Despite being longtime friends, Sharon Watts and Linda Carter (Letitia Dean and Kellie Bright) surprised one another in a recent EastEnders episode.

Unaware that Linda had been drinking, Sharon attempted to get in touch with her after Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo) performed a startling performance in the Queen Vic, where he played Linda’s fictitious confession regarding the rape.

Linda told sponsor Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) that she had hit the bottle but vowed never to go down that route again, rather than confiding in her closest friend.

She seemed to respond well to Phil’s tough love, and soon she was prepared for Sharon’s hen celebration.

While the Knights were preparing the Vic below, Sharon and Linda were getting ready in her bedroom, and soon after, Sharon asked Phil why he had come over.

After deflecting by inquiring as to why she was bothering her so much, Linda assumed that Sharon still harbored love for him and reminded her that she was about to marry her son’s father.

After admitting to being upset that Keanu wasn’t Albie’s father, Sharon sat down on Linda’s bed and noticed the empty vodka bottle from the previous evening.

The hen celebration was in full stride before any of them could provide any further details, and Sharon did her best to stay away from Linda. She was unable to avoid them for very long, though, and soon they were fighting.

Linda was perplexed as to why Sharon had suddenly been so reticent when she maintained that she didn’t want to discuss Albie’s true dad—until Sharon made it clear that she couldn’t rely on Linda to keep quiet after drinking.

Like real best friends, Sharon and Linda consoled one another (Picture: BBC)

Shaken, Linda quickly went back to drinking, and later on, a worried Sharon discovered her inebriated in the restrooms.

Although Linda was still perplexed as to why Sharon had withheld the information from her for so long, she was moved when Sharon revealed that she didn’t want to bother her at a time when she had so much on her plate with Dean’s return.

She was tearful as she told Linda that she was her best friend and that she didn’t want anything to alter between them. She then pulled back her hair when she was ill, just like a good friend would have done.

Will the two continue to support one another despite their mutual involvement in the impending Christmas murder, or will the strain become too much for them to handle?

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