Coronation Street spoilers: Gail has been keeping a surprising secret for decades, which David and Shona Platt find out.

Gail has been keeping a really big secret! (Image: ITV)

There’s a big mystery on Coronation Street that can be found in Stephen Reid’s (Todd Boyce) old notebook.

When Audrey (Sue Nicholls) got some of Stephen’s possessions from the police on Monday, December 11, she was overcome with sadness. Audrey disapproved with David’s (Jack P Shepherd) intention to get rid of her son’s belongings, even though he showed her support.

Audrey maintained that going through Stephen’s notebook would serve as a reminder to her that there was more to Stephen than simply his reputation as a serial murderer (don’t question Audrey, just accept it).

In the episode airing today, December 13, David was becoming more and more irritated with Audrey for continuing to bring up Stephen.

To his surprise, though, once he got his hands on Stephen’s diary, David actually found reading it to be rather intriguing.

David, posing as Stephen, went through a few of the submissions while brewing tea with Shona (Julia Goulding).

Then, he stumbled onto a page that described the moment Sarah (Tina O’Brien) realized Damon (Ciaran Griffiths) was her child’s father rather than Adam (Sam Robertson).

Even though Stephen is no longer among us, he is still a nuisance (Image: ITV).

Turning the page, David learned—with Shona’s assistance—that Stephen was aware that Gail had first been dubious about Sarah’s true father!

Brian Tilsley (Chris Quinten) is Sarah’s father, although at the time Sarah was conceived, Gail and Brian had become distant, and Gail had briefly gotten close to Brian’s Australian cousin Ian Latimer (Michael Loney).

When Gail found out she was pregnant, her relationship with Ian came to an end.

Ian had a blood test after Sarah was born, which indicated he wasn’t Sarah’s father.
David had to shut up, Shona was sure of it, but would he listen?

Or is this enormous curveball that Sarah is going to face?

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