Emmerdale actors indicate that when the Dingles find out about Tom’s attack on Belle, he will die.

James Chase and Eden Taylor-Draper - Emmerdale
For now, Belle and Tom are keeping things under wraps (Picture: ITV)

For better or worse, you become a member of the Dingle family when you marry a Dingle in Emmerdale. After being engaged to Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) in the holiday episodes, Tom King (James Chase) may want to keep that in mind.

Belle had already rejected a previous proposal from Tom. When Belle attempted to calm him down, he pushed her, which left Belle with a cut on her head from falling. His outburst in response to that was unsettling to see.

Tom was easily forgiven by Belle, and the two of them went on. Later, Belle decided she wanted to be married and devised a fantastic proposal plan that Tom would never forget.

It appears that Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean, two skating icons, are Tom’s childhood idols. With Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi)’s assistance, Belle is able to arrange a private performance of their famous Bolero routine for Tom, and she then gives him a Christmas cracker ring before proposing to him on the ice.

James Chase informed us that following his own unsuccessful effort, Tom makes the proposal out of the blue.

He thought, “I guess he did take it terribly when she said no, but after that it was like she’s just not ready.”

“I don’t believe he was thinking the relationship was hopeless at the time or fretting about it in any way.” I may have asked too early or for other reasons, but it was simply the way it was.

“I believe he’s astonished when she does.” It does confirm everything, and he is quite thrilled. They had been infatuated since childhood.

Definitely, he needs to guard his back! (Image: ITV)

Eden Taylor-Draper concurred that Belle had moved over her angry outburst in response to Tom’s proposal. “Oh my goodness, everything is so great, I’m in love with you,” she said.

Would the Dingles be as kind, though, if they knew that Tom had injured Belle?

For one reason only, Eden urged Belle not to inform them: “He would be dead.”

She ought to be aware of this. The actor joined the program when she was just six years old, and she has been a part of it for almost 20 years.

She was therefore raised by her Dingle family, which consisted of Emma Atkins (Charity), Jeff Hordley (Cain), Lucy Pargeter (Chas), and Mark Charnock (Marlon).

Belle is preparing a grand surprise for Tom (ITV).

Eden said to us, “We are actually a family.” We have that type of relationship—one in which you consider someone you’ve known and worked with every day for 20 years to be family—and we talk about it frequently. That’s why I feel so fortunate to have it.

I’m close to everyone, I think. With Emma [Atkins], I’m close. We seem to be around the same age as sisters and spend a lot of time together, so there is really no age difference.

She thought back to her early episodes, before she knew that twenty years later she would be recording scenarios in which she would propose to her partner.

I would just show up for work with Marlon, a tremendously big guy. She grinned, “That was my childhood, exactly, every time.”

Recently, the plot of Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) has shown us that when one of the Dingles is harmed, the other members of the family quickly step up to provide whatever help they can.

And Tom should be quite concerned if they ever receive an indication that he was aggressive with Belle, given how they handled Craig Reed (Ben Addis), Lydia’s rapist.

Fortunately for Tom, Belle seemed to have moved on from it.

“It was undoubtedly a significant event, but the aftermath has been excellent,” Eden remarked.

It’s one of those things that she forgets soon. We have been on a fantastic road ever since.

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