Emmerdale spoilers: After Chloe Harris breaks the terrible news, Mack Boyd threatens Amy Wyatt with dire consequences.

Amy is committed to keeping Chloe safe (Image: ITV).

On Wednesday, December 13, in Emmerdale, Mackenzie Boyd (played by Lawrence Robb) was ecstatic since he believed it would be his last chance to see his son Reuben.

Reuben was taken from the village by Chloe (Jessie Elland) when Mackenzie informed her that he was returning to Charity (Emma Atkins), the woman he had always loved.

Unable to take it any longer while he was playing happy families next door, Chloe concluded that leaving the town and denying Mackenzie access to his kid was the only viable course of action.

Mack has been looking for them nonstop ever then, and the turning point was when the kind Matty (Ash Palmisciano) told him that Chloe was okay and that Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson) would be dropping by the next day.

Mack and Charity made the decision to accompany Amy and Matty on their journey, and if not for those annoying temporary traffic lights, their scheme could have succeeded. When Amy realized that Mack and Charity were in one of the cars behind her when she was delayed at a red light, she became enraged at Matty for having given them away.

She chose to park and confront Mack rather than going back to the village, and during their altercation, he was able to take her phone. Now he had a way to get in touch with Chloe.

Though he might have had the resources, he lacked the common judgment to pose as Chloe’s sister in messages to her. He was able to arrange for Chloe to take Reuben to a park so that he could meet “Amy,” but when Chloe was running a little behind schedule, he messaged her once more, using the term “babe,” out of frustration. She called him “baby,” Charity pointed out, and he responded he assumed all women did that.

This is simply one more argument against Mack ever being around ladies.

After reading the text, Chloe became suspicious and surreptitiously checked to see who was waiting for her. She quickly realized it was Mack and Charity, and she texted Amy’s phone to inform Mack that he would never see Reuben again. Chloe had already been almost at their location.

Mack then went on a rampage across the park, shouting, “Chloe!” in a way that alarmed other visitors and did little to convince Chloe that she was making the wrong decision.

Charity attempted to soothe him, but his thoughts had already returned to Amy—the one with all the information on Chloe’s whereabouts.

“She won’t know what hit her,” he promised. “She will provide me with my son’s whereabouts.”

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