Robert Sugden eventually receives an update from Emmerdale in unexpected scenes starring Aaron Dingle.

Robert, Aaron’s ex-boyfriend, is presently incarcerated (Image: ITV).

In Wednesday’s Emmerdale episode (December 13), Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) learned of Victoria (Isabel Hodgins) and Jacob’s (Joe-Warren Plant) covert affair, and he was unexpectedly sympathetic.

The couple has been afraid to disclose their connection to others, especially because it was the reason that Victoria’s ex-husband, David (Matthew Wolfenden), and Jacob’s father, both left the town. They’re particularly anxious about breaking the news to Leyla (Roxy Shahidi) and Pollard (Chris Chittell), since they both probably won’t handle it well.

Victoria may have been a touch irresponsible by leaving her phone on the Woolpack table while she quickly used the restroom. After she left to go get a drink with Aaron, he checked his phone and noticed that texts were coming in from Jacob every few seconds.

Upon Victoria’s return to the table, Aaron felt free to make light of her new partner and inquire as to whether it was impolite to question whether one was more attractive in bed—a son or a parent. She obviously refused to respond to that.

However, Aaron was truly happy for Victoria when he saw that she truly loved Jacob. He also offered some insightful commentary regarding Jacob’s current belief that they should wait until the new year to notify anybody about their relationship.

“Wait for Jacob if he is The One,” he said. He responded that perhaps he was speaking from experience when she said that it sounded that way.

“Robert is doing well,” she remarked. “While we’re discussing The One.”

Aaron answered, “Didn’t ask,” abruptly shifting the conversation’s topic to something else.

Vic and Aaron had an open discussion. (Image: ITV)

For the many fans who still consider Aaron and Robert, often known as Robron, to be one of the best soap opera couples ever, the mention of Victoria’s brother Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) would be welcome news.

The decision of Ryan Hawley to quit the program in 2019 caused the pair to fall apart. In the last moments of his role, he was imprisoned after confessing to attacking Lee Posner (Kris Mochrie), who had sexually assaulted Victoria.

Fans had anticipated that Robert would follow Aaron back to the Dales after Danny Miller’s return, and Danny recently said that he is questioned about it on a daily basis.

In October, he said to Inside Soap, “I’d love to work with Ryan again, but it’s just an issue of if I can talk him round.”

Fans are hopeful that Robert’s name being mentioned in passing in this episode, along with Aaron’s response, may indicate a potential return for Robert.

“A lot of Aaron teasers for the upcoming weeks got me thinking.” I now have a theory that has nothing to do with Robert Robron Emmerdale. One individual on X, previously Twitter, conjectured.

Despite being together for over four years, Robert and Aaron’s relationship still bothers my a**. Another person remarked, “Robron, you were too iconic #emmerdale.”

“The greatest soap opera couple ever… their on- and off-screen connection is unmatched, and no one else could ever portray Aaron and Robert like Danny and Ryan—two of the greatest ?”

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