Spoilers for Coronation Street: A surprising reappearance on Christmas Day for a character who promises a passionate relationship

Tommy returns to the cobblestones. (Image: ITV)

On Christmas Day, an old face makes a surprise appearance on Coronation Street. This marks the beginning of a significant storyline for the show that will last the entire following year and cause some significant character changes.

Even though Christmas is meant to be a wonderful and joyous occasion for families to spend together, there may undoubtedly be conflict and difficulties throughout this time.

Kate Ford’s character Tracy Barlow is under stress, especially after learning that she is preparing Christmas dinner for 10 guests. When Steve (Simon Gregson) tries a lighthearted joke and she doesn’t see the amusing side, her bad mood becomes worse.

An ill-tempered Tracy decides she’s had enough and storms out of the home, stowing a beautiful bottle of wine in the flower shop before walking out.

When she arrives, who should she meet but the flamboyant football player Tommy Orpington (Matt Milburn), who is hoping to get some flowers for his mother?

Tommy initially came to our attention when he and his fiancĂ©e hired Kym Marsh’s Michelle Connor to help organize their wedding. As a result, she became friends with Steve and strained relations developed between her and her best friend Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine).

Iain Macleod, the show’s producer, indicated that although Tommy has featured in previous plots, he will soon be the focal point of a significant new narrative.

Could Tommy get Steve into trouble? (Image: ITV)

He will be present on Christmas Day. He has made some poor business decisions after quitting football, and his wife has moved out.

“He had to go back to his previous occupation as a painter and decorator when he was a non-league football player, but he’s in a nice place where we find him, and it’s not a euphemism to say that one of our female characters could need some decorating done.”

Is Tracy the one who followed up on this accidental Christmas Day meeting? Iain added, not mentioning names:

“This charming, prosperous man walks into the life of one of our female characters and, should we say, upsets the apple cart in a very dramatic way.”

It’s incredibly amusing, and the cast is definitely up for it as well. That seems like it has Tracy’s name all on it, but Iain cautioned that there is a serious element to the story that may cause some heartache in the future.
It might be rather depressing in some areas. It sets off something incredibly significant for us in the upcoming year, leading some characters in a completely different way.

Is he referring to the termination of Tracy and Steve’s legendary partnership?

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