Spoilers for Emmerdale: A catastrophic ice rink fire shocked the Dingles to their core.

Emmerdale spoilers: The Dingles rocked to the core in devastating ice rink fire getty
Destroyed was a Dingle family custom (Image: Getty/ITV)

The Dingle family in Emmerdale has several customs. There’s also the whole “drinking out of a welly” thing, which is an unsanitary custom that’s meant to signify special events and make you feel like a true member of the family.

In addition, the peculiar Dingle custom of calling a special court to resolve disputes between themselves is a component of the Dingle Code, which states that family comes first and Dingles handle their own problems without calling the police.

We discovered another Dingle custom on our visit to the Dales on Wednesday, December 13.

It seems like they go ice skating on Christmas Eve every year. Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) bemoaned to Chas (Lucy Pargeter) that this year would be unfeasible, citing the ice rink’s fire as the reason.

Poor Belle is unhappy, but it’s likely that Cain (Jeff Hordley) set it on fire to avoid having to wear skates for the yearly celebration. It’s a small custom that our family has. It’s my first choice. Yeah, that’s right,’ she moaned.

It appears that the Dingles like to glide on the ice (Image: ITV).

Apart from Mandy (Lisa Riley) noting that she and Vinny (Bradley Johnson) used to go ice skating every day when he was a kid, there hasn’t really been much prior emphasis placed on Dingle’s obsession with winter sports.

It’s not as random as it seems, though, because Tom had the idea to “Make Belle’s Christmas spectacular” after Belle expressed her regret at losing her yearly seasonal gift.

Additionally, we already know that skating will be a major theme in Emmerdale over the Christmas season since renowned ice dancers Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean will be appearing in a special episode.

The idols shot the self-playing special sequences in Leeds, when they play themselves and play a part in one of the characters proposing to another.
Producer Laura Shaw assured us that Torvill and Dean “definitely promise to add the Christmas magic shine to the show.”

Jayne Torvill, a soap opera enthusiast, continued, “I’m excited to see the episode we’re in.” Sitting at home and watching it will seem strange.

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