EastEnders’ “The Six” cast members reveal shocking details about the Christmas Day murder and finale.

We’ll soon discover the truth in a matter of days. (Image: BBC)

We’re counting down the days until EastEnders’ big Christmas Day surprise, which will see The Six murder a Walford man. It feels like we’ve been waiting a lifetime to watch this happen.

We haven’t been waiting as long as showrunner Chris Clenshaw, though, who has disclosed that this storyline’s preparation began back in the fall of 2022.

“I believe it began more than eighteen months ago.” The first week back after Christmas in January was when we shot the flash forwards. However, it’s clear that months of planning went into it. Thus, yes, it has been a very long time.

Fans will recall that in a flash forward scene that aired in February of this year, we were transported to Christmas 2023 and saw a group of people gathered around a dead man’s body. The people in question were Linda Carter (Kellie Bright), Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal), Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth), Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner), Denise Fox (Diane Parish), and Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean).

Similar to the audience, Kellie, Balvinder, Gillian, Lacey, Diane, and Letitia were left in the dark for a very long time about who was deceased and why, until they were eventually enlightened during the production of a spin-off program named The Six – Revealed.

We can see why Diane listed the Christmas Day episode as one of her favorites of the year, considering how long it took to eventually begin filming.

I believe I’ve mentioned it before, but the first day we arrived on the Vic set to film Christmas Day was an amazing experience because, well, we had already done all the prep work, talked about it endlessly, and then there was the moment when we all entered the room dressed as the characters and started the story. It was simply such a wonderful moment, and I felt like it was takeoff time.

“I think for me the Christmas tale, The Six and the build up to all the different storylines of the six people, sort of leading up to it for me has just been fantastic to see and amazing to be a part of and play out,” said Lacey, who agreed with him right away.

The Six have delighted in their tight collaboration (Photo: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron).

Diane’s gowns have come to represent this narrative in certain ways; Gillian quips that they resemble “Quality Street.”

Executive producer Chris did, however, clarify that they weren’t always planning to go that colorful path.

They really are kind of their colors, don’t they? We did have a very early meeting, I believe in October of last year, and at one point we considered having them wear various colors of red, but for a variety of reasons it didn’t seem right, so we decided against it. We chose distinct colors that go well with each of their personas.

“We consider it an honor to be a part of The Six.” (Image: Jack Barnes/Broadcast/Kieron McCarron)

Even though Chris has assured the viewers that the show would keep us guessing right up to the very end, the cast already knows exactly what transpires on that fateful day.

“I believe it’s worth watching live on Christmas Day because of the intense drama.” And until the very end, I predict that you will be speculating.

Chris attributes the success of the tale to The Six, saying that having these individuals participating was “very vital.”

The outfits of The Six are well-known to fans (Photo: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

That, in my opinion, explains why it works. Our program is about families. Our show is about powerful, intimidating women. Because of the titans seated here, I think the narrative has also been a huge success.

The actors themselves, including Letitia, expressed gratitude for their parts in the Christmas Day show, stating, “We were all incredibly pleased.”

“And incredibly honoured, to be part of a great narrative like this,” Gillian quickly added.

We’ve been selected to be The Six in a sense. What a great concept, a great idea for all of us. It was fantastic, and even though we don’t always collaborate, we’re honored to be a part of The Six. We have truly come together as a team.

Over the years, I’ve undoubtedly worked with Tish, and then with Kellie to some extent. However, working a great deal with Lacey, Diane, and Bal has been wonderful. Together, the six of us even have a little WhatsApp group.

Kellie said that the women will be collaborating for some time to come and that this tale is far from finished.

“Super Kath enters wearing the bridal gown she donned on Christmas Day.” (Image: Jack Barnes/Broadcast/Kieron McCarron)

I must admit that I was rather enthusiastic about it, and I agree with the ladies when they say that it was quite pleasant to do it all at once. But in all honesty, these ladies are beyond talented in every aspect—not just in what they do on screen, but also in supporting one another behind the scenes, as there has been a lot of that. I truly believe that we have stood shoulder to shoulder and taken great care of one another, which has been incredible.

“I would say that even though I don’t know when it will stop, I don’t want it to.” When I’m not with them, I miss them.

Regarding the actual substance of the Christmas Day episode, the actresses remained silent, however Gillian did disclose how Sharon ends up wearing that famous outfit.

“Well, the bridal gown gets all tangled up in a ton of muck.” Thus, Kathy has acquired two bridal gowns, one of which she purchased at the garage sale.

She subsequently purchased a different one that she liked more, so she now has an extra wedding dress. Super Kath enters wearing her Christmas Day wedding gown after Posh Sharon’s gown becomes tangled in the mud and other debris.

We are so excited for The Six’s Christmas episodes that we can’t wait to see how everything works out when we sit down on the big day.

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