Emmerdale spoilers: A shocking revelation as Chloe Harris’s father is finally identified and it’s a familiar face

Mack must be mindful about his back. (Image: ITV)

Chloe, who was pushed to her breaking point in Emmerdale after Mackenzie (Lawrence Robb) tried to con Amy into seeing him by stealing her phone, made the decision to act decisively and make a help call in this Thursday, December 14th episode.

Chloe picked up the phone, not knowing who to trust and with Amy attempting to talk her into returning to the village and trying to make the most of it.

A little while later, a vehicle pulled up, and someone who Emmerdale viewers would have recognized right away got out.

When we last left Harry, he was busy robbing Chas (Lucy Pargeter) of her freedom and holding her captive in the trunk of his car in order to exact revenge on Caleb (William Ash) and Cain (Jeff Hordley) for betraying him. We’ve witnessed him viciously hitting Caleb, and we already know that he traffics in narcotics, weapons, and who knows what else.

To put it another way, Harry is terrible news. Plus, he’s Chloe’s father.

For years, viewers have been curious about Chloe’s father. We were aware that he was a crook who had his daughter constantly monitored and that his goons were always reporting back to him on whatever she did. He ejected her after she rebelled. Later on, we learned that Kerry Wyatt, who had previously worked for Chloe’s father, was her biological mother.

This episode’s interaction between Chloe and her father showed that his parenting approach hasn’t really altered. Despite not being physically present in Chloe’s life, he gave the impression to be well familiar with her and her activities.

A few weeks back, Harry abducted Chas (Image: ITV).

He said that he was aware of the vehicle accident she was in and that, after she had gone into a coma, he had sat by her side every night and held her hand. It seems that he had a “agreement with the nurses.”

Harry asked his daughter what he could do for her. Harry is a nickname for Damon Harris. She revealed to him her desire for a new identity, passport, and bank account in order to start again. In essence, she had to disappear so Mackenzie would never track her down.

A huge connection was revealed (Picture: ITV)

Then she revealed to her father, a fact he was unaware of before, that Mackenzie had saved Charity in the vehicle accident rather than her.

Above all, Chloe expressed her desire for Mackenzie to abandon her and Reuben.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything,” he assured her. “You don’t need to worry about anything going forward.”

Mackenzie is the one who really needs to be concerned. Given Harry’s unwavering determination to exclude him from Chloe’s life, Mackenzie ought to be quite concerned.

According to Jessie Elland, “I believe people underestimate how awful he is and what extremities he’s prepared to obtain what he wants and get what he feels is good for his family.”

“This is going to get really flavorful.”

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